Lenormand Daily Draw – Sept. 25, 2012

Missed posting the update for the 24th.    My draw was Garden + Stork and at first I thought it a complete miss since I attended no group gatherings or social events yesterday.  However, I did have an interview for a job and I did meet someone very interesting there that might be a contact later.  Unfortunately, the interview made me think I would absolutely hate the position.  One of the many things I noticed was that during the lengthy interview the small office and the employees there made absolutely NO sound.  It was creepy and way too drone-like for my liking.

I would think with the Garden being present that things would have been a bit more enjoyable.  I can’t think of anything else during the day that matches the cards at all.  Perhaps I missed something?

Today, I’m mixing the draw up a bit by first giving a good shuffle, then cutting to the first card.  I take the number from that first card and then count down from the cut that many cards.  This marks my second card.

Onward to today’s draw!

Garden + Star

And now you see why I wanted to mention yesterday’s draw because the Garden shows up again today!  As above, the Garden traditionally means a group gathering, a social party, a group of stores, something along those lines.   The Star represents guidance, charting a path, help in navigation, and, for me, hope.  Now, my work is VERY social with the public coming and going constantly.  Perhaps something nice will happen there with me?  Regardless, we’ll see what comes and I’ll make sure to post an update!

Update –  Well, this was certainly interesting.  A little more than halfway through my shift I had a very good conversation with one of the administrators who wanted to know if I was interested in Admin. work for the company.  Since I’m behind the mission of the company I told him absolutely and we talked about some upcoming opportunities.  Given the fact I needed a bit of “navigation” concerning my current job situation and employment search, I don’t think it could get any more perfect than this!  


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