Moon Phase Reading – Full Moon to New Moon – September

I was finally able to carve out the time to get this reading done and recorded.  This period of full moon to new moon appears to be all about transition, fear and grounding as we move to a very fertile new moon on the 15th.  I changed the cards up again and am using the Sacred Path deck along with one Faeries Oracle card.  Also, instead of drawing these cards I dowsed them out with my pendulum.

Once again, the focus of this reading is  for the overall Earth energy during this period of time.  It speaks towards a deeper, more subtle energy which will be present.  The typical question I ask when doing these readings is, “What will be present for those that work with Earth energy to use or be aware of during that time period?”

Enjoy and, as always, I love to hear about experiences or thoughts on the reading.


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