Daily Draw – September 1, 2012

Welcome to September!

You’ll notice the draws are a bit different this time around.  I listened to Spirit this morning and decided to switch things up for the time being, possibly for the month of September.  I’m thinking that I will draw from a different combinations of decks every month.

Added bonus!  Starting today I’m also going to be pulling two Lenormand cards to try and get to know them a bit better.  I may be an experienced cartomancer but I know better to think that I can just jump into a long standing, complicated system.  I’ll start with two and see how it goes!   I’ll do an update on how things went there.  The Lenormand draws will be at the end.

For the main draws I am using the ever-wonderful Faeries Oracle deck as my Spiritual/Magical draws and the Llewellyn Tarot will be for my Everyday/Physical world draw.  I have a long and wonderful history with the Faeries Oracle deck and I’m looking forward to showing you how I interact with them on a daily level.  Along the way I have a feeling I’ll be sharing more than a few stories of my interactions with the Fey.

I wasn’t quite sure which deck to use for the Physical.  While sitting quietly on my patio thinking I saw, in my mind’s eye, the image of the red dragon which is on the back of the tarot deck.  I figured that was a pretty clear answer and so I grabbed them and drew a card.  I think, if you’ve been following things, you’ll find it amusing.

The draws

Magical/Spiritual DayEkstasis, 2 

I had to laugh out loud when I saw this card.  One of the first exercises Jessica (the writer of the book for the deck) has you do with these cards is to pull out the one card that you find is your favorite.  This is the one I chose so many years ago.  It’s still my favorite!  Ekstasis is part of what the deck calls the Singers and, if you need to think of it this way, they are “kind of” like a Major Arcana for the deck.  But not really…

Ekstasis is all about hearing the song of creation, of the Universe and feeling connected to it.  About hearing not only your song but how it weaves into, around and through the other songs all around you to create something larger, something universal.  For me, it’s a REALLY good card to get and reminds me of so so much.  We’ll see how the day goes.

It also looks like a big glowing fey emissary is coming to give you a hug.

But that’s just me…

Physical/Everyday – The Star, 7

Laughed at this one too because if you’ve been following along, the Pole Star was on the Magical side of things yesterday.  With the full moon in, uh, full swing it’s interesting to think that perhaps that wonderful feeling of guidance and connection has shifted from the material and into the physical.   With a card like this leading the day it’s hard to think the day will be that challening.


Update – Welllll, this turned out to be a very odd day and not one which would have been indicated in the cards above.  This is odd for me because, honestly, there is usually a fairly strong thread I can follow through the day that links up to these cards.  Not today.  My physical day was a good one and work was intense and a bit stressful but I was able to practice more on using it as a meditation.  Magcially, today seemed to be a bit of a null spot.  Not much was going on (at least that I could sense or feel) and the day seemed to pod along.  The evening became even stranger when I popped a fairly bad headache.  See below for more on that one.


Lenormand Two Card Draw

The focus of the pull will be for information for my coming day.  The cards I will be using for this will be my awesome and silly homemade Lenormand cards.  I’m not sure what I’m calling them yet but the first post on them was a few days ago.  For each draw, I’ll shuffle, cut the deck and then pull the top two cards off the deck.  I’ll do my best to analyze them, do some prediction and then I’ll add commentary at the end of the day.

Birds + Tree

Initial thoughts – Birds can stand for communication, group communication, chattering, busy busy, a flurry of wings and activity.  Tree typically indicates health, illness.  Can also indicate nature and deep roots.  I think, in starting this series of daily draws, that for this one I’m just going to leave it here and see what happens instead of trying to predict anything just yet.

Small update – I am wondering if I will hear some news today about a health issue in my family or even chosen family (close friends).  Will update more later.

Main update – I did NOT receive a call about a health issue in the family.  Instead, I popped a headache later in the day that sent me to bed early.  The remnants of hurricane Isaac finally started drifting our way yesterday and I believe the low pressure system messed with me a bit.  Either that or some allergies are firing up again.  Either way, I think the combination above could very easily be linked to a headache.  I also spent some time thinking about it  and I see how the cards above could be linked to stress or depression or even both.  

Will need to remember that!


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