Daily Draw Catch-up

With the full moon on the rise it’s been a bit zippy around here and although I’ve done my daily draws, I’ve not had a chance to post them.  So, let me catch up very quickly.  The next post will have the cards for the day as well as my new addition of my Lenormand daily draws as well.

Aug. 30th 2012

Magical/Spiritual Path – The Green Woman (Wildwood rep. for the Empress.)

Physical World  – The Sacred Pool – Reflection both inward and outward

Update – Actually a quieter day today but the Green Woman signaled another cycle of Major Arcana cards for me.  I felt that her appearance for the day also officially signalled the beginning of the “Nurturing” aspects of the Coral card for the Full Moon.  (From my moon phase reading.)  The day had a very strong, direct feminine feel.  I felt very supported today even though it was a tiring day.  The Sacred Pool came into play today as almost a “rest” card from the physical.  I felt that I was able to sit back and observe today without as much direct involvement.

Aug. 31st 2012

Magical Spiritual Path – The Pole Star  (The Star)

Physical World – Education

Update – What an intensely powerful day on the magical level and yes, I received a huge lesson today at the physical level.  The lessons occurred throughout the day but the larger ones happened while at work.  I have a very public job and I interact with the public daily.  I’ve been able to see the overall ebb and flow of what is going on “out there.”  It may require a separate post but, in short, I was able to see how an incoming weather system and a full moon blend together to really stir up humans locked into their physical world.  I got a bit too much information actually.  It became so bad I decided to shift, disperse and then ground “the crazy.”  Yes, I believe I’ll have to make a separate post to explain myself further.

With other education, I seemed to have to re-learn the lesson that shooting videos with my small, damaged video camera takes approximately four times longer than I estimate it taking.  Hence, no moon phase video today but look for it tomorrow (Sept. 1st).

Overall, a very powerful and solid day.  Very educational.  I’m finding it very difficult to express how the Pole Star energy worked out for the day but I can say with certainty it was felt and integrated.

My day and month ended with a lovely, relaxed evening with my wife sitting outside at a local coffee spot and watching the blue moon rise up over the trees and through the incoming storm clouds.

Onward to September!


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