Return to the Lenormand

It’s been two years since I first stumbled on the Lenormand cards.   When I could not find a deck locally for purchase I whipped out a Sharpie marker, some index cards and went to work.  The result is what I ended up calling my “Stick Man Lenormand.”  I only made a handful of posts but you can see the first one here.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by Donna Leigh and her channel on Youtube as well as a blog I found called Rhettarot SagGemini.   (There are a ton of other pages that have REALLY helped me with learning more about these cards.  I’ll try and get a bibliography of them all up soon.) Donna’s video which started combining the Tarot with the Lenormand is what got me really going again.

The first thing that happened was I went on a quest to find the original “Stick Man Lenormand” from two years ago.  Unfortunately, I could not find the cards and in the following search I had a sinking feeling they were thrown away accidentally.  After shuffling through several boxes I asked my dowsing if they were in my home and stored away somewhere.   I received a solid “No.”  I was left with no other choice to once again lift up the Sharpie marker and grab some more index cards!

This time around I took some time with the images and did not go for the whole stick man feel.  It took a bit longer but I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out.  Since the index cards will wear out quickly my plan is to order a blank set of playing cards and transfer the images over to those.

Here’s some of the cards from the new deck.

I really enjoyed crafting these and what is great about the index cards is that if I don’t like an image or want to modify it all I need is an index card, a pair of scissors and a Sharpie.

What I appreciate about the Lenormand card system is the way they solely focus on aspects of your physical day to day life.  Whereas Tarot and other systems will sometimes sit more solidly in the realm of the emotional, the mental or the spiritual, the Lenormand seem to be squarely planted in the physical.  It’s a nice change of pace.

Starting tomorrow, Sept. 1st, I’ll be including these in my daily draw so I can start building my library of experience with them.  I am still very new to them and so, in a way, it feels good to be learning something new and fresh with the stability of past oracle experience to guide me.  I’ll also be doing a few more spreads on news topics, etc, just to see what happens and to see if they begin to “speak” to me.



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