Daily Draw – August 28

Didn’t get this post up yesterday due to, well, you’ll see.

Today was a double draw.  What’s a double draw?  A double draw is when I’m shuffling and two cards pop out instead of one and fall face up.  This is what happened not once but with both decks.  So, I received four cards today instead of two!

Magical Path – The Stag and the World Tree – Two Major Arcana cards today and this will make four in a row.  This tells me that there is A LOT of high end work being done this week.  Today it focuses on the Stag which is the deck’s Justice card and the World.  These cards tell me that overall, today, things are going to go well but that I need to keep my internal focus shifted towards Universal Law, Karma and how it might play out on a larger world scale.  An internal shift that is focused on a larger world view.  Yeah, that should be easy-peasy, right?

Physical Day – Goblins and Movement – The Goblins return for a second appearance this week but also Movement begins to occur.  Not too worried about the Goblins but it’s good to know I’ve got more than enough ability to deal with them today.  I’m happy to see the Movement card as I’ve been in a bit of a Hanged Man status over one particular aspect of my physical life.  I’m hoping that this card speaks to a shift away from waiting and stasis.

Together, I’d say these cards mark a pretty large day filled with all sorts of ups and downs.  I’ve got a feeling that after today, I’m going to be pretty exhausted.



Update — Yep.  Absolutely exhausted.  I’m doing this post a bit late because I ended up sleeping a little more than 10 hours last night.  Yesterday was extremely taxing.  The goblins did, in fact, rear their heads at my workplace but I fought them back fairly well.  They returned again once I got home but again, I fended them off.  The Movement did occur but it was a way I was not quite expecting.  (Isn’t that always the case?)

On the Magical side of things, I saw no evidence of the Stag card today.  Actually, it did feel as if my spiritual awareness / presence was focused outside of myself.  That I was simply connected to a larger flow of events and that, today, I was doing alright.  It was a nice counter-balance to the hectic, non-stop physical day I had.


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