Daily Draw – Aug. 27, 2012

Running late today but have a short respite in the afternoon to get caught up!  Here are the cards from this morning.

Wow.  What a crazy combination!  Strength + Strength!

Magical Path – The Woodward, 11 – Another Major Arcana and this time it’s the Wildwood’s version of Strength.  (FYI – In some decks the eleventh card is Justice.)  In this case of the Strength card we are not talking about the deep courage and calm fortitude of a hunter.  We are not talking about any typical hunter here.  In the 17th and 18th Century, these were called Long Hunters. Men who would disappear into the deep wilds for days, weeks and months at a time in order to bring back sustenance to the settlement or fort.    “The Woodward is a hunter whose prey is the solutions in moments of crisis.”

Physical World – Strength, 44 – Uh.  More Strength.  This card was JUST pulled two days ago.  Strength in the magical and spiritual.  Strength in the physical world.  Whatever it is I need to know that I have more then enough fortitude to deal with it.  I am supported in all ways and from all sides.

Either I’m about to have a real craptastic day or I’m about to have a challenging day that is about to get schooled!



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