Daily Draw – August 26, 2012

The draw for the day.

Magical Path – Balance, 14 – Another major arcana card and this one speaks of REALLY focusing on the balance between action and inaction, yin and yang, giving and receiving

Physical Path – Listening –  It’s time to really listen to the world around you and to what people are saying.   Listen quietly and refrain from adding your opinion.  Learn from listening.  This is a perfect card for today and I’ll explain more as to why in the update.



Update – The Balance card was spot on today.  All day required a very intricate balance of knowing when to give and take, when to share and when to, well, Listen.  More on that in a second in the physical card.  A lot of things came together for me today and because of this card I was very focused on watching the balance of the energies around me.

Listening.  How perfect.  You see, my wife and I are in an art show together.  We’re working on a collaborative piece that will be on display at the local University art gallery.  It’s a complicated and spiritual piece which involves collecting people’s personal stories and accounts and then creating an audioscape as a backdrop to the piece.  My part within it is that I am the audio engineer and I’m collecting the stories.  Guess what I was slated to do all day today as friends came over to record their stories?  Yeah.  I was listening.  I was the chief Listener to be sure and, more importantly, I was being entrusted with safeguarding these amazing, moving experiences onto a recorded medium.


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