Daily Draw – August 24, 2012

Even after the experience last night or, perhaps, because of the experience last night it would appear the tests are not quite over for me.

Magical Path – King of Bows, Adder.  This is my personal significator for me these days, the King of Wands.  It’s a marker for me and a reminder that I have everything I need to deal with the day on a magical level.  It’s a way of the deck saying, “It’s up to you now.”  I also like to remember how prominently Snake figured into my early levels of learning dowsing a few years ago whenever I see this card.  So, yeah,  Go forward.  Make. Do. Be.

The Daily Life in the Physical – Goblins, 5  Heads up and test time.  Remember, fears and goblins (and for all you Faeries Oracle fans out there, G. Hobyahs) are opportunities for growth.  Are you going to react or are you going to respond to their presence and what they are doing in your life?

Overall the two cards are telling me that today is full of tests and goblins BUT these are crucial tests because I hit a major achievement last night.  How else can I be sure of what happened last night if I don’t put it to the test?  THAT is what I feel these cards are telling me today.


Update – Today was definitely full of tests.  Now, I’m aware of the “looking too much for it” phenomena which can happen when you do daily draws.  I made sure to mentally scan things as they occurred to make sure I wasn’t reading into things.  With that in mind let me just say that today was FULL of gremlins and goblins!  I’m pretty sure I dealt with all of them in a responsive way instead of a reactive way and at the end of it all I can chalk up today up as a pretty good day.  Lots of lessons learned and, more importantly, integrated.


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