Daily Draw – August 23, 2012

Running a bit behind this morning.  Very quickly, here is the draw and the info.

Magical/Spirit Card – Six of Vessels, Reunion – Vessels is the suit of emotion and of the heart.  A coming together and reunion of emotional issues.  This could be something from the past coming back for you to review with your present eyes or it could be a reunion with a connection or ability from your past.  Instead of saying keep your eye out, I’ll say, Keep your heart out for a blending and reunion of energies.

Physical Path – Coming to Life, 29 – Interestingly enough this card as well also talks about a return of something long wished for, a dream.  It is slowly returning back but it must not be coaxed or pushed. Much like the solitude card from yesterday, my job is to simply be thankful, reverent and to just show up.

Update to come tonight or tomorrow!


UpdateWelllll, this was a VERY interesting day.  Matter of fact, the update turned into a blog post all it’s own.  If you would like to read it then just follow the link here –> “A Good Walk



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