Daily Draw – August 22, 2012

Day two of the Daily Draws.  As an aside, I’m very realistic that  I will not be able to sustain a daily draw post here EVERY day.  However, every day I do have the time and ability to do so, I’ll do my best to post it.

I draw two cards daily.  One for my magical/spiritual path and instruction.  A second card is drawn from another deck for my physical day ahead.   From there, I apply them, look for how they surface in my day and what instruction they offer me.  During the evening or the next morning, I report back on results and experiences.

This morning I woke up in what can only be described as a foul mood.  I and my family are under a lot of stress right now and it seems to be taking it’s toll.  I’m not sure what I was dreaming but I know I awoke from a dream and was in an incredibly bad mood for the first hour of waking up.  Due to my daily practice, I’m aware enough of myself to put the brakes on and go through some things to get my head screwed back on straight.  Unfortunately, I can still feel the latent energy of the dream and some of my own frustrations about the way things are going in the physical realm for me.

The Seer – This is an excellent example of the level of interaction I have with this particular Wildwood deck.  I’ve been doing these readings for most of the year now and the high level in which I receive Major Arcana cards is quite simply staggering.

The Seer, or the Magician card in classical Tarot, speaks of handling the balance between spirit and the physical.  It’s about focusing your power and your abilities through your tools and bringing about proper manifestation and “rightness.”  The Seer is able to take all that he or she has learned and apply it during times of not only enjoyment, happiness and bliss but in difficulty and stress.  The true test of the Seer, their abilities and their beliefs does not come when all is rosy and happy.  They come when times are hard and whether or not they can apply their practice to the difficult.  Can they, in fact, walk their talk and still shine for others?  The last sort of just spilled out of my fingers so I will take it as a good sign.

13, Solitude – At first I was a bit put off by this card because my day is practically filled with being in the public and I would love nothing more than to be off by myself in the woods.  There is very little chance of solitude today.  However, I reigned my negative side back and looked at the description of the card.

The instruction today from Solitude is not so much about being physically alone but about disconnecting from all my troubles and letting the Universe do it’s work.   This card is actually about Stillness, about meditation. “What’s called for now is to step back and take your focus off of your life and your troubles.”

This is where the magical card intermingles with the physical card.  It’s in taking those Seer abilities that I’ve learned, pruned and nurtured and putting them into practice today.  Can I sit in Stillness during a very public day filled with high energy and stress?  Not only that, can I disconnect from my troubles and let the Universe take over?

That shall be the largest test, I feel.

UpdateThankfully my mindset got better and so did my day.  Numerous times during the day I had to remind myself of the Solitude card and just “step back.”  I had to let the Universe do it’s work. Each time I did this an interesting set of incidents occurred.  For example, I decided to just wander into a store on my way to work without thinking about it and happened to run into an old friend.  

It was what I like to call a test day where I had to take my abilities learned so far and to live fully with them in the now of the physical.  I think I did alright. Throughout the day, even though I was in a fast paced, public environment, I reminded myself of the image in the Solitude card and pictured myself, as a Seer, simply watching things happening outside my window. 

I wrote this down during a break because it literally “popped” into my mind.  “Stop interfering with the clockwork of the Universe.  Stop.  Be happy w/in yourself and stop tampering or pushing.  Let the Universe take care of You.”



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