Daily Draw – August 21, 2012

So, I’ve decided to re-energize the blog a bit. One of the ways I’d like to do this is to start doing a daily draw and then following it up with a quick edit at the end of the day to see how things went.

Currently, I draw one card for my spiritual/magical path instruction and then another for my everyday life. I then blend the two of them and watch what happens through the day. My spiritual/magical deck as you know is the Wildwood Tarot. This deck is the first one I’ve ever encountered that will NOT let me use it for other people. I was told, very strictly, that it was for my use and mine alone. (I will eventually have to purchase another one to use for public readings.) Luckily, for you, it does not seem to mind being used as a daily draw for me on the blog. I just keep hearing, “As long as it’s a reading for you, it’s fine.”

Another note about the Wildwood – It does not always follow your typical tarot meanings.  Below is a good example.  I personally enjoy the differences but wanted to give you all a heads up.

The deck I am using for my everyday life right now is the Enchanted Map deck by Colette Baron Reid. I’m wanting to get more familiar with this deck and the best way to do so with any deck, in my opinion, is with daily draws. The cards are absolutely gorgeous and I think you’ll soon see why I enjoy it so much. The one thing I enjoy the most, besides the artwork, is that the content is continually positive and upbeat. Very helpful when you’re looking at a rough day!

Alright, with all that taken care of, onward to the today’s daily draw.

Nine of Stones – Tradition – This indicates a need to look back over ancient traditions and knowledge and to hold a reverence for that knowledge.  How can it help you today?  How do they apply today?   What past traditions can you still apply in this 21st century world?

36. Commitment – Partnerships.  Strong friendships.  Marriage or an increased connection to your partner.  The give and take of a commitment and a partnership.  Be clear about partnerships today.

I’ll be back a bit later today or tomorrow to do a wrap-up.


Comments –  The day unfolded very oddly but overall I found the cards hit the highest and lowest parts of my day.  First off all, commitments of all kind seemed to really flood me today.  What was interesting is that, for some reason, they came at me from all directions today.  The card seemed to be telling me to be more careful about my commitments and the energy I place in them.  This came in the form of losing one connection due to the whirlwind of my past 3 – 4 weeks and not having the ability to keep up with them.  So, good advice here but at a cost.  

The 9 of Stones was spot on but occurred later in the evening when one of my children began to talk about Animal spirits, guides and asked me how I found mine.  This prompted me to talking about my first vision quest and some of my experiences there.  The card was the perfect cue for the conversation and prompted me to stress the  information and accuracy of ancient knowledge and traditions.  Again, spot on.  


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