Reading for the Current Moon Phase, August 2012

Hello everyone!  I almost forgot to post this here amongst all the Rarr energy of the past few days.  Below is a link to the new kind of reading I’m doing on my Youtube channel.  I call it a moon phase reading and it covers what we, as earth-workers, need to know from Mother Earth along the time period of the full moon to the next new moon phase on August 17th.  I’ll let the vid speak for itself.

I’ll be doing these readings twice a month. One for Full to New and then another from New to Full.  I hope you enjoy them and if you have any feedback be sure to let me know.

I have another project or two in the wings but I want to give it a few days and get out of Mercury Retrograde to make sure they’re “real.”  If they are then I will definitely subject you to them very very soon.


4 responses to “Reading for the Current Moon Phase, August 2012

  • Pathseeker

    Hey Bryan,

    Do you have (or would it be too much trouble to create) business-card type things that could point people to your YouTube channel? I’m doing the chaplain thing at Camp Atterbury right now, and I have all sorts of resources to dish out to the practicers of organized religion, but not much to say to the occasional Wiccan/ earth-based practicer besides “check out the prayer garden behind the chapel.” Granted, such practicers are usually more capable of following their own path without guidance from me or anyone, but I’d till like to be able to send them your way, if I get the feeling that’s what they need.

    What do you think?

  • Cláudia

    I just saw Moorning with Crows! Loved it so much! I just love crows. Subscribed your youtube as reinojacheguei. 🙂

    • BR

      Wonderful! Thank you and I’m glad you like it. The crows have been scarce through the summer heat lately. I’ve had one or two mornings with them lately but that is it. I have a feeling they’ll be back in a few weeks. Funny, just as I was writing this, a crow just called out my window!

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