The Blasted Tree

(This is one of those posts originally drafted back in April.  I have at least one more of these to finish up and then we’ll be up to present.)

After taking my daughter to a school function, I felt the urge to pull over and investigate an area I had driven past several times in the past.  The area was a narrow strip of woodland that ran long a walking trail and between medical buildings and apartment buildings.  I’d noticed that the strip was fairly untended and, at times, larger than it might first appear.  A wide creek ran through the area as well.  I was curious as to what might be there and with undergrowth just past ankle high, I figured now was my chance. It was a cool Spring morning and the traffic was light so I pulled into a parking lot and headed onto the trail.

In a few moments I’d found a game trail and was wandering down to the creek.  I’d been pulled in here by something and I was curious as to what it might be.  I was surprised at how “alive” the area felt considering how close it was to human interaction.  Of course, I’ve learned with my dealings with the area around Grandmother Tulip this means very little and you can have some pretty energy intense areas butted right up against populated and well traveled land.  I wandered around the creek, poking at rocks and some small fossils.  I decided to walk the trail a bit further and simply follow my intuition.

A few moments later I walked around a bend in the path and came onto a huge tree.  Now, when I say huge tree I mean, well, huge.  It was one of the largest trees I’ve ever seen in my life with a trunk base that was easily four feet across.  At first I thought it was dead because the trunk, nearly two thirds the way up, had been snapped in two many years ago.  It lay at a sharp angle, caught by the lower branches that themselves were the diameter of most normal trees in our area.  Drawing closer,  I noticed the numerous upward shooting branches coming off of the lower ones and that, no, the tree was very much not dead.  It was still very alive.

I was already in sensitive mode when I started the walk but I desperately wanted to make contact and possible get some answers through dowsing.  Unfortunately, I’d not grabbed my dowsing rods when climbing into the car.  I opted to use some body dowsing which I’d learned last year but not really put to practice.  I could easily feel the tree’s aura extending slightly past it’s outermost branches.  I stopped outside of it and began to ask a few questions.  I  asked properly if it was alright to proceed and then introduced myself.  The best term to use for the feeling I received was “spiky.”  It didn’t really mind me being nearby but it as I got closer it seemed to bristle a bit.  Perhaps because it was still weak and wounded or maybe because it didn’t like us humans much.  It did allow me to get close but when I asked if I may touch and make contact it gave me a very sharp “No!”  I, in turn, was very respectful.

I spent some time with the tree but after around ten minutes it definitely wanted me to move away.  I did so, of course.  I asked if I could do some energy work near to it and it gave me an affirmative but seemed to stress that it wanted no help from me.  This was a very odd reaction and honestly the first time I’ve had a tree spirit “push me away.”  Perhaps it is a form of a test or perhaps it’s just a bit grumpy about the way things have gone in it’s life so far?  I moved several yards away and asked for a protective sphere to encircle the aged spirit.  This was granted very quickly and I seemed to get a feeling of thankfulness from local energies.  (As if they were saying thank you for dealing with their grumpy grandfather and trying to help!)

I did a bit more dowsing and then left the area.  I was told there was little more, for now, that I could do.  More or less, I came away with the feeling that I had been led to this area for an introduction only.   I had to depart from the area comfortable with the knowledge the future with this tree and this area would sort itself out.


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