And Back Again, Part Two

I’m not sure why I cycle in and out of this particular blog.  One reason I know of is that when magical things start happening around me they seem to do so at a very fast rate of speed.  When I do get time from my other writing, my family and the simple need to just decompress to actually get caught up here the project seems so monumental. Quite a bit has happened since Mother Earth woke up this Spring and it’s possible that I stopped posting just because I needed the time to process everything that has happened!   However, lately, I’ve been hearing the call and so I’m making time to get things moving here again.

In coming back to the blog I’ve found a few drafts of posts that go back to early Spring.  I’m going to do what I can to get those finished first and then I will start posting more current information.  There’s going to be a few changes here as well as I tidy up the place and take an editorial look at some older posts.  The focus will be mostly the same but sans pictures for awhile since my current camera’s battery has gone belly up and I cannot afford a new one.

Thanks for riding things out and look for more posting soon.



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