Listening to Grandmother

I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing up posts so I thought I’d share a little story from my day yesterday.  I’ve been doing a lot more foraging from the wild lately, edibles, acorns, plants for dyes, etc.  Since I’m also a dip-pen and fountain pen enthusiast, I had decided to also use the numerous black walnuts around me to make some black walnut ink.  Taking a break from my studying, I went for a walk to find some black walnuts.

It’s late in the season to be sure and I knew any I would find would be black and decomposing.  In other words, perfect for ink.  After a quick stroll around I’d found very little since the leaves had also begun dropping in large numbers, covering what I was looking to find.  I then opted to go to a nearby park where also stood Grandmother Tulip.  Not only would I pay my respects to her and the Fey there, I’d look around for some walnuts.  I’d first encountered Grandmother Tulip over a year ago.  Go here for the three part entry on it.

Grandmother Tulip and I have built an extraordinary relationship.  I’ve taken my family and close family members to go see her.  Everyone who has met her has remarked, without me saying anything, on how gentle and loving she feels.  My daughter likes to just hug her and sit underneath her.  To me, it is a sacred relationship.  I always approach her with deep respect and she always greets me with love.  This afternoon was no different as I approached, laid a hand on her and just relaxed.  She told me a few things about the coming winter and I made sure to share some of my energy with her which I felt her pull into her roots and then “pulse” outward to the other nearby trees.  As if on cue I heard a breeze begin to the north and I smiled as it gently played through the woods.

As an afterthought I asked her, “So, do you mind telling me where I might find some walnuts?”  I felt a pulse of warmth and then I felt the same feeling I get when I’m dowsing and get a strong “hit.”  I felt a pull to the north and in my mind’s eye I saw an overhead map of where in the park I should go.  It was a very strong communication and I had to laugh out loud.  I said my thanks and my goodbyes, promising to be back in a few weeks.  In my communications with her so far I’ve learned that trees have a much different scale of time.  The best I can tell they operate on more “stretched out” version and it wasn’t too far removed from the way the Ents treated time in Tolkien’s works.

I walked over to that side of the park and noted no other black walnut trees until I got to the area indicated on the mental map.  Following with some directionless dowsing/intuition, I left the trail and walked to the spot on the mental map she had indicated.  Standing there was an adult black walnut tree with black nut hulls all around it.  I had the urge to applaud.  I’m not sure why.

I greeted her, said my thanks and felt an answer.  As I came nearer I saw an entire pile of black walnut husks peeled away, most likely, by a busy squirrel gathering the inner walnuts for storage.  I filled up a grocery bag with the forage and left the tree a small geode crystal I had found in my foraging as I said my goodbyes.

Walking back to my car with a smile I thought to myself, “Had it all just been that easy?”

Yes.  Yes it had been.


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