Coming Back Soon!

I just posted this over on my Youtube account and I figured it deserved a cut-n-paste.

“Life got busy with a bunch of spectacular things and I have been SLAMMED. Warning – this is what can happen when you do your manifesting work correctly. Wow. A good kind of busy but wow… I’d like to get more than 4 or 5 hours sleep a night. I’ll be back soon. I promise!”

Seriously, I’m not sure I can explain it any better than that.  When you start doing intentional, focused work with Spirit you better get ready for exactly what you ask for.  Even if you think you LOVE what you’re asking for you better be ready to Love it even more than you thought possible. If you like to dance and you do intentional work to be a dancer then you need to get ready to dance like your legs were on fire.

The past two months have been that sort of fire and quite frankly I don’t know which parts I feel comfortable talking about on a public blog.  I’ll hopefully be able to sort it out and get back here in a few days.

Ok, so I managed to explain it a bit better anyway.  I will be back soon.  I’ve got some great stories to tell after all.


About Rustus

I've been working with the metaphysical for several decades now. With divination, dowsing and my intuition, I've found a deep and peaceful connection with Nature, it's spirits and with something far bigger than myself. View all posts by Rustus

2 responses to “Coming Back Soon!

  • Gwas Myrddyn


    Looking forward to hearing about your work. Missing your posts, my friend! Please give us an update. Seems like forever since you delved into the Wildwood and I’m wondering if you ever got out again? 😉

    I saw your mention of whether you thought you should be putting some of the outcomes into a blog. It took me years to get over that. I had separate blogs for a while. Now they’re all in one. You go as far as your comfort will allow. Just remember to keep using the boundaries.


    • BR


      Hullllooo! What is wonderful about this is that I was just thinking over Samhain that I needed to get re-focused on things and get back on schedule with the blog. That’s when I first got your comment! Love it. I’m hoping to have a post up by the end of the week.

      As far as the readings… I’m a bit hesitant but I think I’m getting over it. Slow steps.

      Thanks so much for the reach out and I hope the turning of the wheel has treated you very very well!

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