Gearing Up For The Shift

I wanted to post very briefly regarding some news.  I’ve mentioned it on a vid with my youtube channel but I wanted to get something down here as well.  The good news?  My family is in the middle of a full move to a wonderful new location on the other side of our neighborhood.  More on how all of that came to be in another post.  The challenging part?  I will most likely be out of touch for the next 5 – 10 days as we deal with all the fun and excitement that moving during  a heat wave can throw at you.

There is no coincidence that the move is coming on the final days before Lammas Day, the first harvest festival of the year.  Nor that I went through an amazing experience with my new Wildwood Tarot deck at the end of last week as it laid out to me all that I have to be ready for before internally before Lammas hits.  A very busy, active, summery time indeed!  Again, more on all of that soon.  I’ll be giving a full explanation of the reading and talking about this amazing tarot deck soon enough.

It will all depend on the next few days and how much free time I can carve out.  Be well!


4 responses to “Gearing Up For The Shift

  • Gwas Myrddyn

    Oh the Wildwood Tarot – it’s fantastic! It seems to have all the elements I need, the right symbology, the right concepts, the right imagery, the spot on explanations of the meanings.

    If you have any leanings towards a druidical or natural flavour of magick then this is the tarot deck for you.

    So glad to see you using this deck because it will help me with my work, I’m sure, by seeing hwo you interpet the results.

    Gwas – The Hedge Druid.

    • BR

      I’ve been completely blown away by the Wildwood tarot. I’m posting the information on my latest reading today, probably this afternoon.

      And.. good to hear from you!

  • Mist

    Good and bountiful energy to you and your family as you make the move. It’s always such an exciting and exhausting journey. 🙂

    • BR

      Thank you so much! Yes, it’s been quite a journey and quite a trial. But we’re in a much more magical place now. Thanks for the kind words.

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