Triskelion Spread Explained

I promised that I’d post a bit more on the Triskelion Spread and here it is!  Please check out the video below.  Apologies for the poor lighting and quality.  I’m working on a slightly better camera in the future.

In the vid, I run through a sample reading and talk a bit more about how the different branches can interact to give a very integrated reading for three separate spheres in your life.

In working with this spread I’ve found something very interesting that happens during the readings.   I guess you would call it, for lack of a better term,  a sense of dizzy happiness.  I think it comes from the spin and counterspin of the layout and the origin of the symbol upon which it is based.  It’s important to mention the cards are always laid down in a clockwise or sunwise pattern.  However, note the branches bend back in a counterclockwise way like a triskelion’s arms.  When you get out to the third card and begin to analyze how it might be impacting the other two branches I think you’ll notice a nice, light spinning feeling starting to occur energy-wise as your eyes bounce visually over the reading.  Of course, it could just be me and my love of the symbol.

If you’re not familiar with a triskelion, it’s one of the oldest symbols recorded and a general overview can be found here.  I’ve found triskelions to be incredibly important when dealing with natural energy sites when I dowse .  They speak to the incredibly swirling multi-banded energy that can come swirling off sites throughout the natural landscape.  I think it no coincidence the triskelion is very similar to the Daoist yin/yang symbol.

I would very much like to hear your comments on the spread or more about the readings you’ve done with it.  Feel free to make a response video if you’d like or just comment here.


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