The Triskelion Spread

Spirit can talk to us in many ways, offer many gifts.  It can hit us with a flash-pop of inspiration or whisper quietly to us in meditation.  It can, and often does, use both.  Lately, Spirit honored me with information of a new spread and I’ve decided to share.  I gave it a quick look on the internet to make sure I wasn’t duplicating anything and couldn’t find a match.  It came to me during the flow of working with a client for a reading.  While in the initial discussion of the reading, the client had three different angles in her life she wanted to cover.  All of them appeared to me be equally important and carrying impact on her life.  She wanted to get some general advice on each of them individually.

The twist?  We only had time for one reading.

Of course, a simple three card reading is the way to go in this situation but as I spoke with her I literally saw this spread flash in my mind’s eye.  I’ve gotten better about recognizing Spirit when it’s yelling at you so I described to her what I was getting.   She agreed to go with the reading as I described it and the session was very successful.  Later, I sat down with a notebook, some meditation and more information came to light.  During that meditation, a triskelion appeared in my mind’s eye and superimposed itself over the card layout.

This spread works the best when you have three distinct areas in your life that you want to cover and discuss, all at the same time.  It also works for a general reading if you simply name Mind, Body and Spirit as the three points of the question.  You could also, of course, use any other terms or spheres that feel comfortable to you.  Other examples could be health, career and romance or family, spirit and friends.  The three areas are completely open for the reader and the querent to decide.  Use your intuition and have some fun!

The Triskelion Spread

Total cards for the reading: 7 for short reading (see below).  10 for full reading

Decide which three areas or questions in your life you wish to cover.  I typically prefer a balanced placement of the three branches but you can decide on a more upright pyramid style with one branch on top to signify an area of much more focus or importance to you or the querent.  Feel free to place the branches any way your intuition tells you.  Just make sure you decide ahead of time and communicate it clearly before starting the reading.

1.) Lay out three initial cards in 1,2 and 3; one for each area or sphere you are focusing on.   During the reading, this is what I call the initial commentary, the overall wisdom that Spirit would like for you to know about and focus on regarding that aspect of your life.  It encapsulates the past and the present.

2.) Lay out three more cards in 4,5 and 6.  During the reading treat this as commentary and advice on “next steps”, things to be aware of, watch out for and, in essence, how to move forward in a beneficial manner.  These cards link directly to the first round of cards and talk about how things will progress in each of those spheres.

Note – You CAN stop here with the reading if time is short or you are comfortable with the information given.  If stopping here then move to Step 4.

3.) A third round of cards go down in positions A, B and C and once the reading starts create an extra level or lens in which to look at the overall problem or question.  These cards, in essence, interlink with cards 1, 2 and 3 and show how those spheres interact.  How does each sphere help or hinder another sphere in the querent’s life?

For example – Let us say one sphere is the client’s health and the other is career.  In an extreme example, let’s say the Tower card comes down in this third round between the two.  This tells us that the two spheres are about to go through a major breakdown of traditional roles or beliefs.  Whether the career is about to cause a health issue or a health issue will be causing a career change will have to be determined by the surrounding cards in the spread as well as the reader’s intuitive abilities.

4.) Final card.  This is a final card that is placed in the direct center of the reading and should be read last.  It represents an overall commentary as to where things are heading as a whole.  It’s a final punctuation to the reading and ties the three branches together.  A final word, if you will, from the Universe.

Reading the Spread

In reading the cards simply read them as you have placed them.  You may turn them individually as you go or turn them all over at once and go for it.  This is up to you and your particular style.

First go through 1 – 3, then 4-6.  Spend some time looking at each branch individually, analyzing the cards and what they are saying.  Then, go through A-C and interconnect them to 1 -3.  Look for connections, relationships, warnings and advice.

Finally, read the final 10 card and see how it ties the reading together.  It will offer a large scale overhead view of the three branches and the client’s current situation.

Note, this reading with all 10 cards can offer a fairly complex analysis with lots of interaction and information.  A full reading with this spread can easily take an hour.  Make sure you have the time and energy available to get all the way through it.

I hope this is helpful to you and I’d love commentary on your thoughts.

The next post will be an example of a full reading with a video to help show how it all works!


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