Walls and Categories

Just a quick update and some post-solstice musings.  I’ve spend the past few weeks moving at an incredibly high rate of speed.  Besides the action packed life of an unemployed father and the daily doings that go along with it, I’ve been very focused on not only my spirituality and my energy work but how that coincides with my oracle practice.  The most important thought I managed to think in all of it was a very simple one.

You can’t separate them.

Yet, I think a lot of us do it all the time.  We place a barrier, some thin as paper and others as thick as bunker walls, between our spiritual life, our energetic condition on the planet, and our physical daily life.  It’s the static that comes when we divide our suit of Cups from our suit of Pentacles by overworking our suit of Swords and Wands.  The thicker the wall, the more the static.   As I’ve decided to be more open about all of this in my daily life, I’ve found that I cannot even consider going back to those thicker divisions I once operated under.  Matter of fact, the more open I am about what I believe, feel and, on occasion, see, the more those walls turn to paper or even mist.  The more those walls disintegrate the more clearer come the messages from Spirit which, in turn, helps to bring the walls down.

How do you separate your everyday life from that of your spiritual, magical one?


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