On The Missing

I’ve been interested in using my abilities to help guide and locate missing people for some time.  My largest frustration was not having a place to really communicate with others who also felt my zeal for “psychic detective work.”  I operated quietly and practiced readings and map dowsing on cases that came to my attention while following the outcome on forum boards like Websleuths.com.  I did have small successes and I simply continued to practice.

Earlier this month, a young lady went missing in the town I’m proud to call home.  Her case has drawn national level attention and the mysteries behind it are very convoluted.  A few days after her case, when it was obvious this was not going to be a simple runaway or miscommunication, I felt compelled to do a reading to see if I could get more information.  Immediately after the reading, I took a few moments to meditate quietly and was shocked with a brief but powerful vision.  It was this point that, for me, the journey really began.

As one bizarre event after another unfurled, I found there was a decent amount of accuracy to my reading.  A few days later, on the day of the full moon eclipse to be exact, I was searching on the internet for others who were doing the same thing.  I felt that there HAD to be a group out there.  Things paid off and I was finally led to a website of like-minded individuals that feel the same way I do and are using their abilities the best they can to work together to put the pieces of the psychic puzzles together.

It’s been this disappearance and my daily work on it that’s taken up a large amount of my personal energy.  However, I felt it was high time to get caught up and to get a few things posted.  I want to share the initial reading I had for the disappearance and my dowsing responses at the time.  (FYI – There is a very good chance that I will be posting more of these  for other cases.)

Reading for the disappearance of Lauren Spierer, Bloomington, IN.
Reading done – June 7th, 2011

I built this reading after a meditation about what positions I wanted covered.  At the time I did not have the information we have now.  The reading was intended to get on overall picture of the situation.  The image below is one that I took quickly for my own records so excuse the quality.

The reading goes left to right with the following positions.   All cards were chosen with pendulum dowsing.  Though I normally do not read reversed positions I decided to do so for this reading.  I’m very glad I followed my intuition on that one.

1. The Past – Specifically what transpired leading up to the disappearance.
A and B – Two clues from the past regarding the disappearance.
2. The Present – Again, this would be for the period directly after the disappearance on June 5th.
3. The Future
4. Where might she be found?
5. Overall Outcome of the search.

Below are my thoughts from my notes at the time.  More recent commentary will be in parentheses.

#1 – The Past – The Star, Reversed : A loss of dreams.  Depression.  A loss of hope.  A woman, normally reaching for the stars is fallen to the ground.  She is lying by a lake.  Instead of reaching upward, I see the woman lying  down.  Being a major arcana card, this is a significant situation and something dangerous has happened to her.  I feel this is going to become a large case.  A huge card.  A poignant card for this reading.

A and B (Clues) :
7 of Wands : Fighting off advances or having to defend oneself.  A lot of allegations and possibly an assault.  Standing upright and staying firm in your defense.  Not so much a swirling melee as one direct assault.

Two of Cups, Reversed : Ouch.  Broken love.  Two of Cups is sometimes more the Lovers card then the Lovers card.  A union of two people, a love affair that was once thought to be spiritual and to the core is now broken and in tatters.

Combing the two of these, I see that perhaps there is a connection to a past lover.  Arguments?  Anger?  Having to defend herself against several ideas, thoughts or people?

#2 – The Present – Queen of Wands, Reversed : Not sure on this one.  A bitter tongued woman, fiery.  A queen is typically a grown adult, someone older.  Is this someone that knows Lauren? Yes.  Does she know something about the disappearance?  Yes.  (Later, I realize now how vague this question was…)  Not sure.  May have to see what plays out.  Noticing how the figure in the Star card appears to be reaching towards the Queen of Wands…

(At this point I am still a little confused about the Queen of Wands reversed.  One thing that HAS played out is the amount of bitterness, selfishness and arguing that can be seen on some of the forum boards and Facebook pages.  It’s settled down now but perhaps this is what the card was speaking of?)

#3 – The Future – 10 0f Cups, Reversed  : I do not like seeing this card here.  This indicates a complete upset and overturn of the family and her life.  Not only that, it indicates a complete upset in the general area of her friends and community.  It does not bode well and it will undermine a lot of the goodness and happiness that used to be present there.  Not an excellent sign that she will be found.  Not a good sign for her family or this community.  Not a good sign at all.

#4 – Where Might She Be Found? – Ace of Swords :  Direct intellectual action.  Moving quickly.  But… when I looked at this card I felt pulled not so much to the actual meaning but to the image at the bottom.  A lake nestled between two hills.  Another lake image like seen on the Star card.  Someplace remote.  Am I thinking the right things? Yes.  Is she in the water?  No.  Is she near the water?  Yes.  Is she in the woods?  Yes.  Could be anywhere around here.  Is it Lake Monroe?  No.  Is it Griffy Lake?  No.  I feel that it might be around either Lake Lemon or Yellowwood.  (It was at this point I felt the first of what I would later call “Fog” surrounding the case.  It was as if a thick cloud suddenly arose between me and the target and there was a sense of “being pushed away.”    It was very very alarming.  I’ve felt this happen three other times since I’ve started working on this.)

#5 – Overall Outcome – Two of Wands, Reversed : Also do not like this card.  I’ve always thought of 2 of wands as the “looking out from the castle and making important plans towards success” kind of energy.  Reversed though, I do not like it.  I’m getting an unsuccessful search, disorganization, a loss of momentum, disappointment as things don’t go as well as they should.  This indicates that she is not going to be found immediately and may, unfortunately, not be found at all.  I do not like this car here.

(The Page of Swords was a guest.  I was a bit disheartened and thinking through the reading when I decided to pick up the deck and shuffle the cards a bit.  As I did so, the Page flew out of the deck…  With no position it seemed like simple further commentary.)

Page of Swords – A guest card that flew out as I was doing a “thinking shuffle.”  A person, possibly immature, that is used to being sneaky and a very fast thinker.  Normally, I see it as someone that would be a good scout.  In this case I see it as less so.  Pages deliver messages and what this tells me is that the person responsible is young, very smart and used to being deceptive and manipulative.  Another card that I am not pleased in seeing.


Sitting back, I meditated for a little while to mull over all the input.  I’m not sure when it started but I realized I was “dreaming.”  In the dream, I felt as if I was lying down on the ground and water as if from rain or a sprinkler was lightly falling on my face.  I heard the sound of rain in the leaves of treetops, the sound of rain in a forest.  It was loud and filled the entire space with its sound.  Lying there, I became a bit lucid and thought, “Why am I hearing this?”  At that point, the sound drifted away and I was, once again, sitting in my room.My wife, later, reminded me that it had rained the Saturday night directly after Lauren’s disappearance  early Friday morning.

Later, I learned of the fact Lauren had been off with another young man and not her boyfriend, that a fight had occured and numerous other things that backed up my reading.  The general consensus I have and it is that of many on the forum board I am now a part of is that she is somewhere “In woods near water.”  Needless to say, that could be anywhere around here.

I plan on doing a follow-up reading soon and am sending daily prayers for her to be found.  I will post more on all of this as I get time.


3 responses to “On The Missing

  • Mist

    What do you plan to do with the information that you gather? Will you go to the police? Will you look for her yourself or join the search efforts? I don’t know if I’d know what to do in this situation.

    I’ve only been asked to find a missing person once, and it ended well. My information, which I deemed to be completely worthless, actually ended up being extremely accurate. I used an astrology horary chart rather than dowsing.

    • BR

      Mist – Your question is the first and foremost thing on my mind when I do a reading like this. It’s a catch-22. In the end, I’ve decided to be a bit more public with my information, posting here and on a forum board that can be checked by LE. I’ll send you an email with more info. However, I know the prejudice against this type of information and I do not wish to be more “wind” in the case taking up valuable LE time.

      Because this case is local, my wife and I have looked at a few places that have come up. I’ve also checked two wooded areas by myself and I cannot stress enough how unwise it was of me to do so! Taken pics to look at later to see if I can get any hits. I’ve called in three tips but all of them were for very minor things like odd clothing or discard latex gloves.

      I’ve just started looking deeper into horary astrology myself and am fascinated by it. Are you familiar with the forensic astrology forum board on Websleuths? It’s a very interesting place to read application of charts. In this category, I’m still very much a beginner!

      How did you learn it? Did you teach yourself or get instruction? I’ve been looking for decent insights on the web and have found little.

  • Mist

    No, I had never been to Websleuths before. Veeeeerry interesting. I will definitely be delving deeper. As per the horary, I am mostly self-taught through the writings of William Lilly and others, but I learned vast amounts from a couple astrology groups that I am a part of as well. It is, for me, the most fascinating branch of astrology. Of course, I am still learning and nowhere near “expert” level. I’m very clear about this with anyone who asks for a chart.

    It sounds like you’re handling the situation in the best way possible. You’re certainly right to be cautious.

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