Happy Solstice!

I hope everyone is having a great Summer Solstice.  I’ve always found it interesting that all the energy of celebration of the solstices is really focused on the Winter Solstice because of Yule/Christmas/Other variants.  It all seems a bit lopsided.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a nice, global two or three day explosion of summery energy similar to what happens during the Winter?  Ok, so we ALREADY have that but wouldn’t it be nice if it were more recognized?

Here’s the weekly Earth Energy reading.  After I did this vid reading I noticed that the energy attributed with Penelope Dreamweaver is exactly what you would expect for Summer Solstice, IE: the energy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, visions, inspiration, and dreams.  I would have expected Penelope in the middle position and it makes me think that Solstice is actually a few days off in the view of the Elementals.  The other side of this is that it’s not so much off as just the swell of energy of Solstice will not really hit us until a few days are past.

Regardless, I hope yours is fantastic.  Get outside and connect if you can today.  They’re waiting on you.


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