3 Card Reading for Directional Awareness

I originally intended the Youtube channel to be a small addition to the blog but it would appear that, over the past few weeks, it’s actually a bit reversed.  The blog has become an addition to the video channel!  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the amount of information that can be shared and communicated over the video format and will probably be doing a lot more vids in the near future.

For instance, I designed a three card spread for a quick personal reading I needed to do.  It worked so well for me I grabbed the camera and in a short amount of time was able to share all the information.  The vid is below.

I do hope to be getting more writing done VERY soon, including going off in a direction that I don’t think you will have seen coming.  More on that later when I’m ready to talk about it.  There are several projects I want to get moving again and one of those is the Leystone Project now that the weather is turning for the better.  My largest hang-up there?  Wondering how much information I should give and whether or not to even have pictures and video of the places I go because it could, within dowsing theory, be used as a target for negative influences.

I think at this point the best thing I can do is ask the rods themselves and permission of each area’s Genus Loci.  Regardless, I want some protocol in place before I go broadcasting images out.

More to come on all of that soon!


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