Videos and Weekly Readings

I’ve been lax in posting here since I’ve fallen a bit in love with making videos for Youtube.  Below you’ll find my newest idea which is to take the Faeries’ Oracle out into Nature and have them give us a three card reading for the upcoming week.  With this reading, I wanted to focus on what they wanted to tell us from the point of view of Earth Energies.  What did THEY want us to know and look out for in the week ahead?

For the location of the video, I took my dowsing rods and asked if there was a spot for me to do the reading?  After getting a “Yes”, I started following their lead.  It lead me to a wonderful little spot by a small creek where I’ve also found a few of the quartz geodes discussed in previous posts.  Amazingly enough, the nearby chainsaw stopped just as I was about filming.

There was a visiting butterfly who never landed on the card cloth but did, in fact, land all around the area I was filming.  Always a good sign!  As I wrapped up the reading, gathered up my things and headed back I noticed that two young boys and their Mother were exploring and coming up the creek towards where I had just departed.

It’s all in the timing, right?

I might have more to add as the week goes on, commentary and such in regards to the reading.  We’ll see how the week goes!  I think the Solus energy is liable to be VERY powerful until about late Tuesday and the middle of the week is liable to get, well, a little wacky.  You never really know what the Green Woman might have in store for you but I do know that if you let it, it will be fun.  Later in the week we’re going to want to get really focused on grounding.  I get the sense that something might be coming along around Thursday or Friday and the proper response is going to be to get grounded and in touch with deep level Earth energy.

I’m in the process of finding a happy mix between posting here, doing readings, and posting videos on the channel.  On top of that, Spring has sprung and the weather has turned beautiful in my neck of the woods.  This means that housework and chores tend to take a back seat as I succumb to the siren call of birds, breeze and brook.

As I get out, dowse and do my thing, it’s much easier to take the camera.  I’ll try to do better about bringing a notepad as well!


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