Rising Earth Energies and a Special Announcement

In my research regarding crystals and energy over the past few weeks I stumbled across an interesting notion.  It was put forward that the energy of the Earth has been increasing lately and it’s this increase which could  be causing so much of the traumas and dramas we have seen in the past two years.  (For clarification – The energy in question is the subtle energies that everyone can pick up on but few learn to use.  The etheric energy that seems to cover Mama Earth  call it what you will.)  The thought seemed to stick with me for several days and I finally decided it would be a good idea to do a card reading on the question.  If nothing else, it would be a good way to get in some practice!

And this is where I pause for a quick but very special announcement!

I was finally able to purchase a lower end video camera and, yes, I am officially inviting all of you to my Youtube channel!  I’ve had the best of times on there so far and am absolutely addicted to the amount of information to be found.  I’m hoping to use the channel to demonstrate not only readings but also my work in the field with dowsing materials.  If nothing else, I hope my efforts, if not educational or helpful, are at least entertaining.

And, yes, the reading which you will find below, is posted on my channel.

Back to the reading.  I did the reading in a style that I call a “conversation reading.”  It went well and I felt it had been very informative.  However, the sequence of events had not played themselves out to the full.

A few hours after doing the reading I was driving around town on errands.  The information in the reading had been very thought-provoking and, well, cool.  I realized that the question could not really be answered by one person.  We’re talking about an energy that spans the entire globe, right?  Last time I checked, this marble we live on is rather, well, HUGE.  I wanted to share my reading but I also wanted to hear other voices on the subject.  Inspiration struck again and I’ve decided to go one step further then simply posting the video.  I wanted to put out  a call.

After watching the video (or even BEFORE you watch the video), I’m asking everyone to do their own reading on the subject of  “Is the Earth’s Energy Increasing?” and then post your results as comments in the blog or as a video response on Youtube.  It can be any kind of reading you like with any kind of oracle or subject.  Tarot, runes, oracle cards, I-Ching or even other forms like Ouija/letterboard or an EVP session are all welcome. One card, seven cards, whatever size you wish to do.

This way we can get a much larger perspective to a subject that effects every one of us.

Enjoy and if you’re on Youtube follow the channel link in the vid and hook up with me there.



8 responses to “Rising Earth Energies and a Special Announcement

  • Mist

    While there are a couple other methods I’d like to try, I had to share my tarot reading with you right away. Results:

    Is the Earth’s etheric energy increasing?– High Priestess (I felt a bit giddy at this.)
    What is the next step?– Ace of Wands

    The Ace of Wands relates directly to Life Force. Like your King of Swords, it has a very masculine energy to it. I take this card to mean an act of will is needed by the life force itself (Nature) to move to the next step in the Earth’s progress– an emergence, an arousal of these energies.

    • Rusty

      Mist – That’s an awesome result! And agreed about the masculine Yang energy for the next step. Looks like we’re all going to need to get off the couch more and really engage with Earth’s energy. (I’m including myself in that too!)

  • jesamac

    Are Earthmama’s subtle energies increasing?

    Okay, I did a different layout. The first card (above the rest) was about what is happening “above” the earth, what is coming from the ‘heavens’. Used the Faeries’ Oracle deck of course. That card is the Piper, who opens the gates to Otherworlds. I remember an experience I had last fall on a starry night of a huge flood of energy coming in from the sky. I remember saying then that something was opening up to allow something to come in. It was an overwhelming experience and I’m not describing it well here.

    Then I drew four more cards, which were laid out at the points of a diamond, to indicate the energies at the four quarters. From the past, the Glanconer–illusion, smooth talking, deceit, wishful thinking. From the future, Death–change that is natural and timely, change that we are ready for.

    Here is where it gets really interesting to me. What is above us, Ta’Om the Poet, who shows us beauty and playfulness. Below us, the heart of the earth, is Ekstasis–ecstasy, joy, bliss.

    I’ve no idea what all this means, how it will play out. It is in disagreement with all my feelings of grief and sorrow and discouragement about what is currently happening in human society. It takes me back to that same feeling of awe and trust I had last fall when I sensed that vast, unearthly energy pouring in from the heavens…

    So, from all this, I guess I’d say that the subtle energy of the earth is changing. Whether it is increasing or not, I don’t know. And whether humans will choose to meet the challenges of the changes and survive, I also don’t know. But the energy itself feels wonderful, as in full of wonders and possibilities and a great change for Earthmama herself.

    • Rusty

      Jesamac – Wow. I think those five cards combine to give some pretty telling information. I’m also VERY glad to hear that the reading took you back to the feelings of awe and trust. I’ve been having those as well and they seem to be happening much more often.

      I think you make a good point about changing/increasing. It is, after all, all relative from our little monkey/human perspective. What might feel like increasing to us is simply a changeover. A move in a cycle that’s been going on since before we got here!

      Thank you so much for joining in on the project! Much love to you and your fey and feline housemates!

  • jesamac

    By the way, I really enjoyed your post and reading! Comes across very well. Good technique, good explanations–altogether a good approach. Thanks for the lesson!

  • Beth

    I use the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot deck by Louis Martinié (text) and Sallie Ann Glassman (illustrations) for the majority of my readings. I’ve found it’s a good fit for me whether it is laying the smack down, giving a nudge, or painting a beautiful picture of that which can be or will be if you put a little work into it.
    I changed up the project a bit by asking three questions.
    1. Is the Earth’s energy increasing?
    2. If it is increasing/decreasing/staying the same, why?
    3. What can I or should I do to aid Her?

    A summary (because this is long) of my reading:

    Yes, there are increases in the Earth’s energy from forces that I consider internal (circle of life/death female/male), in order to bring about a dramatic change in the way those of us live on this Earth. This change can be cataclysmic (death) or an initiation (life) depending upon how you and who you are.

    The actual reading:

    The deck is shuffled, cards asked, and top card from the deck to be pulled off. Two pulled off and I didn’t realize it until I turned the first over:
    1. Is the Earth’s energy increasing?
    VII Dance
    So easy answer is: Yes.

    Dancing is full of movement and energy. It raises energy and gets to a point where the dancer leaves and only the dance remains. In traditionally, this makes an opening for the Loa (spirits, ancestors, magic etc.) to enter.

    Remember I said I pulled 2 cards?
    Wild Card Les Barons
    I take this cared since it was literally behind the first card, that the Loa (spirits, ancestors, magic) are behind this energy increase. As a side-note these are the Loa of Death. Not spirits of the dead, but the spirit of Death itself.

    2. So, the obvious next question is… Why? Interesting you should ask.

    III Ayizan
    Ayizan is the Loa of the Market. In some traditions, the Market refers to earth. She is the protector of the power of women (markets are seen as a woman’s domain). She is also the one who leads initiates through their initiation into a new vision of the world.

    And… directly from the text: “Linda Falorio is a sorceress who has a deep relationship with Ayizan. The presence of Ayizan once came to her as the soul of the Earth. Ayizan was angered by the destruction and fouling of the planet’s surface; the loa’s rage was deep.”

    Curiouser and curiouser…

    So the energy increase is going to bring about a change in how its inhabitants see the the Earth.

    3. What can I or should I do to aid Her?
    Hounsis Petro

    First a word: This is one of the temple (court) cards. Hougan (drum/king), Mombo (queen), La Place (cross roads and machete/prince) and Hounsis (calabash/princess) There’s a little more detailing and subtlety, but there’s your jist.

    This is the earthy part of fire (go figure). The Hounsis works to create the proper conditions for fire loa to manifest.

    Burn baby burn?

    Or maybe… Bubble, bubble toil and trouble. Clock tower burn and turn to rubble?(OOooo.. that’s two! Couldn’t help myself. Semi-private joke.)

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