Geodes, Part Three

Hopefully, you’ve read the first two parts of my journey so far with geodes and the quartz crystals inside them.  If not, I highly recommend you go back and start with Part One and work your way forward.  If you’re the daring sort and can pick up things on the go then continue on!

I tinkered with the geode pieces for well over a week.  It was a mix of me rolling them around in my fingers as I quietly let visions of information come to me and sitting down to dowse out concrete answers.  I felt very strongly that copper needed to be involved.  At first I thought copper wire should be wrapped around them.  Reading more on orgonite I saw that in making that substance copper could be used in the form of metal shavings, coils and even copper pot scrubbers.

The substance called orgonite is made with quartz crystals, metal bits and clear resin.  This can be poured into molds to give you all manners of shapes and sizes.  The resin forms the shape as well as holding all the separate elements in the same area, connecting all of them, without them touching themselves individually.  Everything touches the resin but the metal does not necessarily touch the crystals.   The catch for me?  When I asked if I should use resin for what I was working on I received a very strong “No” from the dowsing rods.

In researching further I found orgonite had been built with other materials, from beeswax to cooking oil to thick sugar/water substances.  Scaling it back further, why couldn’t it just be water?  That was an “ah-hah” moment for me.

I decided to do a series of tests with a bit of geode that was NOT one of the items I’d been led to by my dowsing.  Walking down to the creek and leaving my dowsing rods behind,  I found the first two small pieces I could find and came back to my desk.  I used my pendulum to rate how strong they were on the Bovis Scale.

The Bovis Scale is another odd bit of fringe science that I simply use as a scale for reading energy.  The scale begins at zero and then moves upward to 6,500.  Things below 6,500 can be considered “negative” or detrimental.  6,500 is considered neutral energy, the balance point between healthy and non-healthy.  I’ve also found it’s an excellent balance point for organic/inorganic materials.  (I’ve also found some posts that consider the 6,500 point to be obsolete since, they say, Earth’s energy is increasing.  They mark the neutral point at 8,000.)  Past the  6,500, things can read upwards of 50,000 to 100,000 and even further.  I personally had never had any one thing, place or person come in over 25,000.  Typically, those higher numbers show up with places and the occasional object.  I will occasionally test myself before and after dowsing, card reading or meditation.  When I do this, I will always see an increase on the scale when I am finished.

Though I don’t really get into all the information that is behind the chart, I use it because it provides an interesting neutral scale that has more dimension than your simple scale of 1 – 10.  It applies fairly solid scale levels for my unconscious to interpret and then use for charting energy ranges no matter what you want to call the energy.  I suppose this should lead to a whole discourse on different energies and my beliefs on the subject.  However, for now, I’ll put it on hold and continue with my tale.  Another time, perhaps?

My plan was simple.  Start with the base material and then do readings on the Bovis scale for each step of the way.  I did readings for the geode pieces before cleaning them, after cleaning them with warm water, after cleaning them with a vinegar solution and after letting them sit for several hours in the same solution.  My readings began at 5,500 units and after a thorough scrubbing and a soak, it only lifted their energy 500 units.   So, each unit came in at a solid 6,000 units.  I also checked other cleaned geodes from my collection and they too came in between 5,500 and 7,000 units.

Then, I went about charging what I will call Test #1 with the pendulum.  After charging, the Test #1 crystal rose upwards  on the chart and quickly rose past 20,000 units.  Not that it was much of a surprise but I really wasn’t ready for that large of a jump.  Fascinated, I moved forward.

In fifteen minutes, I could definitely feel something coming off the geode.  In my journal I wrote, “#1 feels ‘better’, not as heavy.  It actually does feel lighter.  It feels pretty amazing, actually!”  I waited about an hour, tested #1 again and saw it holding steady at 35,000 units.

Right.  Continuing to be surprised, I opted to continue my tinkering.

The next steps I had planned out from meditations and dowsing sessions involved building what I took to calling a “crystal generator for positive energy.”  I’d take all I’d learned through research through reading and dowsing information to see what happened.  I gathered my materials – copper, cotton cloth, water and crystal and combined them in a small ceramic bowl.

I thought I was surprised before!  Upon completion of all the steps, I felt the energy spike up pretty quickly and the pendulum was spinning crazily around the chart, not settling down.  I laughed as my face flushed and became warm while my mind seemed to become very clear.  The energy in the house spiked and I thought to myself, “Oh boy, this is how horror stories start.”  What would I say to my wife?  “Sorry about the Hellmouth, dear.  Maybe we should go out for dinner tonight?”

My initial reading put it well over 130,000 units!  I was stunned.  I was also glad I had grounded and centered myself before beginning.  I had expected a ramp upwards but nothing like this!  I had originally intended to place it by the front door of our home.  To be sure, I dowsed to confirm and found my intuition had been correct.

I was directed to a small entry table by the front door and placing the bowl down, I stepped back.  I could really feel the energy coming off of it. Dowsing told me the energy would settle and as long as any evaporated water was replaced, it would last for a very long time.  The house, especially the entranceway, felt VERY different.

I purposefully did not tell my wife (also a sensitive) anything about it.  I wanted to see what might happen when she came home.  Coming in the door later that afternoon,  I noticed no reaction from her and we went about our chaotic errands with the kids.  Later, in the evening, I asked her if she felt anything different about the house.

“Yes!” she said enthusiastically.  “There was so much going on I forgot to mention it.  Yes!  I noticed something.  The house felt… better!”

She went on to say she had come in and immediately noticed the piece of geode in the bowl.  It’s not like it’s something you look at when you come in since it’s very nearly behind the doorway but she said she’d been drawn to it.   “When I came in I immediately noticed that rock thing in the bowl. I remember my head shot around to look at it.  How could I miss it?”

When I asked her if she had got any impressions or feelings about it.  “No,” she said with a smile, “I just immediately knew it was good and you were scrubbing the energy of the entranceway.”


Now, a week later, the experiment is continuing.  Test #1 has settled down from the 130,000 area to a solid 75,000 units.  The item still sits in our doorway and I’ve replaced the water only once.  While writing this I did a Bovis reading and it showed the same as before, 75K.

The energy of the house is definitely different and for the better.  It was pretty good before with all the previous energy work but this is subtle and different.  It feels “lighter” in here.  The children have been nicer to one another.  Arguments have been fewer.  There is an undercurrent of pleasantness that is,  at first, easy to miss.  I have to admit, by following the instructions sent to me over the past few weeks, I seem to have been guided towards something pretty amazing.  It’s like a quiet, small generator humming at our front door.The real surprise to me is that I made this generator with a test piece of crystal.

Last night, I made my first generator with the chosen piece of quartz and the numbers were, as you might imagine, huge.  I was more than a little nervous making it but it went smoothly and I dowsed a location in our bedroom, next to the wireless router which I normally turn off at night.  Last night’s sleep was the best my wife and I have had in some time and the dreams were wonderful.  All of that being said, I’m more than willing to chalk some of it up to a placebo effect.   I know it needs to be factored into the results we are feeling.  However, what I’m more curious about is if others can duplicate the same thing and if this energy continues over the weeks to come.

From here, I’m thinking of other ways to incorporate what I built and also how to use the geode crystals as empowered items to heal earth sites.   I’ve only just scratched the surface of that work but I promise to fill you all in as it progresses.  It’s been an amazing three weeks as I put the many pieces of this puzzle together. Like any good quest, the answered questions have only led me further along to a whole new set of questions!

As always, I’m curious to your comments and thoughts on the whole project!


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