Geodes, Part Two

After being led to individual geode pieces of crystal through dowsing, I had a flood of questions for not only why I’d been led to them but also how they were to be used.  The rods had picked them out of a creek bed literally littered with geodes and geode pieces but had indicated they were different from the others.

I took some time to create a long list of questions before beginning the dowsing session.  I’ve found this helps the focus and flow of the session.  Often, without a list, you can find yourself getting off track or even spinning in a circle with your logic.  More questions do typically come up during a good session and I will usually try to take a moment to add those questions to the list or make a note of them somewhere without getting off the track of questions I’ve previously written.  This is sometimes more difficult than you might think, especially when the information flood gates come open which is what happened this time around.

Instead of writing down the entire and very long list of questions, I’ll give a short sample from the list to give an idea and then do an overview of what I learned from the session.  Before beginning, I always, and I do mean always, ground myself, surround myself with positive light/energy and request the information come from only the highest of sources.  I also always ask the canon question of permission; Can I?  Should I? and May I?

Can they be used in energy work?               Yes
Can these stones be used in healing?          No
(This one surprised me so I made a note to add some clarifying questions, see below)
Can they be used in geomancy and earth based work?      Yes
Can they be a form of energy storage?        No
Can they be used if broken or just splinters?  Yes
Should they be used in a pattern?       NA   (No answer.  Typically means clarify the question.)
Do they NEED to be in a particular pattern to do energy work?       No
Can they be used by themselves?      Yes

Re: Cannot be used in healing – Will they have a beneficial effect?       Yes
If yes could they assist healing with their energy?         Yes
To clarify, can they be used with direct healing?         No
(With dowsing as well as with oracles, you have to train yourself to be very clear in your question and intent.  Direct healing used in this question means contact and direct focus in healing either internal or external injuries as well as irregularities in the physical body. )

The questions went on for some time.  The best number to use them in was in groups of 4.   They were a type of amplifier for natural energies but not any kind of storage or battery.  They carry their own energy which does build, ebb and flow over time naturally but that energy could also be supplemented and healed by direct action.   When I was done with them they would make excellent gifts to the energy of an area.  The information just kept coming during the session.

I was able to gather they were to be used for “something.”  There was a pressure on my intuition and I kept seeing them used in a “line of energy” and as “connecting and generating something.”  Maybe even some sort of crystal network?  These are phrases I wrote down on my journal cards directly after the dowsing session.   When I dowsed those images I received a very strong positive answer.  Things became more interesting when I asked if these pieces could be powerful.  I received a NA or “not applicable” answer which had me drilling down to a more specific question.  The result?  They could be VERY powerful with beneficial energy, immensely powerful, but they needed to be, for lack of a better term, “activated.”  Activated?  What did that mean?  Some particular process?  A ritual?  In whole, it was a great session but parts of it left me reeling and seeking more information.

I’ve been a rock hound for a very long time and because of my interest in the esoteric I had, of course, been aware of crystal energies and healing.  However, I’d never really tuned into them before and, to be direct, I’d always placed the crystal stuff to the side.  It sounds odd to write out but I guess nothing had really sparked my curiosity about it before.  Also, the random and somewhat over-the-top claims I’d heard from some “crystal healers” had left me standing a bit to the side on the matter.  It wasn’t that I disbelieved it,  I just didn’t really, up until this point, really “get into it.”   After a lot of experience in NOT RECOGNIZING  a nudge from the Universe, I knew one when it happened.   I turned to the internet at that point and began researching geodes and quartz crystals more thoroughly.

I found a plethora of information about quartz crystals but not a whole lot about energy work with geodes.  Now, this struck me particularly funny.  In my area, a lot of people enjoy geodes; perfectly normal people who have no drive to go dowsing around in creeks or do card readings.

They line their porches and walkways with geodes.  They bring them home and decorate their shelves with them, cracked or uncracked.  Children of all ages pick them up, carry them and bring them home with them.  Geodes seem to have a type of pull to them that goes past just the physical beauty.  Up until the point I really started researching this new information did I realize just how strong the pull could be!  I started to wonder to myself, “What have I stumbled onto here?”

It was during that searching that I started coming across links to something called orgone energy, orgonite and host of phrases like “tower busters” and “chembusters.”  The best link I suppose I could share is the one from Wikipedia – Orgone and for orgonite I’ll send you to for more information.  From there, you’re on your own!  Orgonite is a material, typically shaped into pucks or pyramids, and made from a combination of resin, crystals and metal shavings.

They supposedly help generate something called “orgone energy” (which to me sounds like just another phrase for chi, prana, earth energy, the Force and what have you)  and disperses negative energy.  It was an awesome romp into reading about fringe science, that’s for sure, and I really didn’t know what to think of it.  What I did feel was that deep down, underneath some of the downright insane claims I was reading on the various webpages, there was truth there, some kernel of crucial information.     “Ok,” I said to myself, “enough is enough.  Power down and go to bed.”

A day or two passed and I circled my geode finds.  I kept getting from my questions that I was muddling about with something powerful and that I should trust the process.  I asked, “Is it dangerous?” I was given a solid “No.”  When I asked, “Should I tinker with these?” and “Should I create something new with all the information I’ve learned?” I was always given a forceful yes either with the rods or the pendulum.  I literally felt like I had, once again, been handed a box of jigsaw pieces with no picture on the cover of the box to guide me!

Finally, I was able to decide on a course of action and proceed a little further along.   I grabbed a piece of geode shard from my shelf, not one I had dowsed previously, and asked if this was a good piece to run a test on.  I was given a yes.  When asked if it was like the other pieces I had found which started the whole thing I was given a, “No.”  Would it work as a decent test piece for a practice run?  Yes!

And with that I started to build whatever it was I was suppose to build!

The tinkering continues in Part Three!


About Rustus

I've been working with the metaphysical for several decades now. With divination, dowsing and my intuition, I've found a deep and peaceful connection with Nature, it's spirits and with something far bigger than myself. View all posts by Rustus

2 responses to “Geodes, Part Two

  • Mist

    This is incredibly interesting, and I’m quite intrigued to read what comes next. I was reminded, while reading this post, of the Genesa Crystals of Perelandra Garden. Have you run across this?

  • Rustus

    Thanks and welcome to the blog! And, no, I had not heard about the Genesa Crystals before. I’m REALLY glad you mentioned them because, as Universe would have it, they fit in directly as yet another piece of the puzzle. You’ll see more about that when I get to Part Three, hopefully today.

    Thank you so much for mentioning them!

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