Geodes, Part One

A few days ago I went for an early Spring walk in a nearby creek.  I love doing this as you never know what you might find offered up by the Earth.  In my area, fossils and geodes are quite common and adding to the excitement, the creek bed had been flooded just last week with fast rushing Winter run-off.  I was looking forward to seeing what had been washed up to be found.

On this particular trip, I took my dowsing rods with me.  I like to ask them, “Is there any place in particular I should start?”  In this case, they led me to a path a bit upstream and to an area filled with hundreds of small downy feathers where a bird had met it’s fate.  Looking at those feathers scattered everywhere I was able to determine the bird in question had been an American Robin.  I asked where the rest of the remains might be and though the rods tried to show me, I could not find them.

Saddened but understanding the circle of Life, I can only assume either a cat, a scavenger or a bird of prey had made off with them.  After a series of questions to the rods, I collected a few feathers, did a clearing and prayer ceremony which I finishing by sprinkling a homemade mixture of corn meal and tobacco over the area and then asked if there was anything else.  After receiving a positive and a direction, I moved on.

The next stop took me to a very narrow strip of rocks and sand at the edge of the creek, no more than a foot or foot and a half wide.  The rods directed me to a spot just off the water’s edge and crossed.  Crouching down, I looked things over, moved a stone and found a very nice piece of geode quartz crystal.

I’ve done this sort of thing before with the dowsing rods but this time it felt different somehow.  Something was tapping the back of my neck and so I took some extra time to figure it out.  I sat down with the crystal piece and started asking questions with the rods.

Here it is after the first round of clean up. It's approx. 2.5 inches long and about 1 inch across.

Was this piece special somehow from other geode pieces?   Yes.
Was it something to do with composition?   No.
Did it matter that it was broken from it’s whole?  No.
Could it be used for something particular?  Yes.

This went on for some time and I was able to glean that certain pieces of quartz crystal from a geode could be used as a way of attuning, healing, and using earth energy.  Now, I knew crystals could be used like this and I have a large single point crystal here at home that I’ve had for a very long time.  I’d never really explored too heavily into the crystal/energy connection but here I was being told it was important and for me to know.  The rods were also telling me that the work involved with these crystals was slightly different, more subtle and more to do with earth connection.

This was the first time I had looked at the crystal sets within a geode in this particular way and I felt like I had stumbled onto something new, something I had never seen or heard of before.  I asked if there were a few more pieces like this in the area and received a positive.  When I asked if there were a lot of these pieces the rods swung very strongly in a, “YES!”  I asked if they could show me more so I could collect them.  Once home, I was going to do more work with them and get a whole question session in the books.  For now, the rods indicated, I was just to go about finding them.

And I did.

An hour went by and I collected a total of six pieces.  I found two buried under the surface in mud and others under rocks and in the creek.  All of them were small and I was able to carry all six of them in one hand comfortably.  With my time nearly up, I said my goodbyes and my thanks to the local spirits, sprinkled some more corn meal/tobacco mixture and headed home.

Half of the handful of crystal pieces found.

Once home, I wanted to clean them but I wanted to be very careful not to damage them or use any toxic substances which could impact them in any way, physically or spiritually.  What better source to go to than, once again, the dowsing rods?  From that series of questions I was able to determine that they should sit in a solution of 80% clear, clean water and 20% hydrogen peroxide for over 12 hours.  After that, they could be lightly scrubbed and set out to dry.   They could also sit in a solution of water and salt but that the salt might not help much in breaking up some of the sediment found in the nooks and crannies.  I was told to NOT use any kind of bleach or any other kind of cleanser.  (Well, duh??!!  Yes, I had to ask the question anyway.)

That evening, as they sat in their bath,  I set up a series of questions to determine how they could be used and what could be done with them.  Those questions and the answers I received are up next in Part Two.


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