Atlantis Found?

Logging into Facebook this morning I was greeted with a headline from a post shared from a friend of mine, “Lost City of Atlantis Believed Found Off Spain.”  I was a little skeptical until I saw that it was from MSNBC and had references and links to National Geographic.  It would appear that they have, indeed, found something.

Check out the news story here – MSNBC Atlantis Found News story.

The link to the National Geographic show is here and it airs this evening at 8 PM.  I’ll be there with popcorn and soda pop for this one!

I’m very curious about their findings and their theories.  My gut hunch is that they might have found one city near the coast of Spain but it is only one city of a much larger nation.  If Plato is to be believed then Atlantis is not just one city but an island, a full nation with vast naval power.  According to Plato, that island existed to the west of the Mediterranean Sea past Gibraltar.  Now, what is possible is that they have finally discovered a city that might match the descriptions of Atlantean cities and it goes to reason the architects of that city would build it with the same style as that found on their island, much as we build cities on grids and squares.

With all the images we have seen coming out of Japan these past few days, how ironic is it to be given a documentary whic talks about an ancient civilization’s city disappearing in a tsunami?  It adds a touch of gory credence to things, for sure, when we see what can happen when the Earth shifts itself.

More thoughts after the documentary this evening.


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