Big Changes

There’s been some major shifts in my life lately and it’s caused things to be very up in the air.  A few weeks ago, directly in line with the latest new moon for those keeping score at home,  I was laid off from my job.  Needless to say, this has stirred things up a bit.   The good news is I should be able to get unemployment.  The bad news?  Well, I shouldn’t even have to say anything there, right?  As we all know, jobs are tight and the unemployment is not going to cover our standard of living which may or may not include losing some very precious and important things.  Regardless of the many physical and mundane issues, it all comes down to the fact this is a positive change, a fierce wake-up slap given with Love from Spirit.

I’m taking the news with a positive spin.  It’s all about attitude and doing the best with what you’ve been given.  It would seem Spirit has decided enough is enough and wanted me out of what some would call a toxic work environment.  Over the past week, I’ve felt better and more “solid” then I have in a long time.  I’m using what’s available to re-evaluate where I am and, more importantly, who I am.  I also have a bit more  time to focus on some things  incredibly important to me but that have been edged to the side perhaps “too much.”  A lot of those things are the items I’ve been discussing here and to that end, I’ve decided to take a few positive steps in their direction.

I’ve been doing card readings and psychic work  for some time but have not offered it  up in a public forum for many years.  With this recent change,  I’m taking some initial steps, once again, to do readings for the public.  I’m going to guess 75% of my reading population right now can do their own readings or have some way to gain input from Spirit but,   regardless, I’ll be putting up a page here shortly about my reading style and how someone can get in touch with me.  I know from personal experience that sometimes you can be too close to an issue and  sometimes it helps to get another perspective.  I’m hoping to help with that and will have the page with that information up by the end of the week.

Secondly, I’m also venturing out into the world of Facebook.  Feel free to follow the link on your right and throw my page a Like.  I’ll be giving away free readings and other information there as that particular venue starts to take flight.   Feel free to Friend me as well!  It’ll be interesting to see how this all works out!  As I get settled in with the changes happening around here, I’m also hoping to have much more regular posts going up.  They may be smaller in nature but more constant.

There’s so much to to discuss and I, for one, am raring to go!


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