Early Spring Visit

As the weather turned warmer and I could feel the Earth beginning to wake from slumber below me, I took a short trip to wish Grandmother Tulip a happy Spring.  It was my first time out doing fieldwork since the snows and, for good measure, I brought my daughter along with me.   (As mentioned in an earlier post, she had been playing around with the dowsing rods without my previous knowledge.)  I wanted to introduce her to Grandmother as well get her some field experience.  I was curious how she would do.  My wife and I have known for many years that she has a definite gift when it comes to energy, nature energy and healing.  I wanted to see if she would pick up on the same energies and Fey locations as I had last year.

The day was gray, wet and still a bit cold but my daughter has an explorer’s spirit.  We drove to the nearby park and wandered into the edge of the woods.  Along the walk, we whispered and talked of Nature, fairies and both of us expressed the wish for no more large snowfalls.  Suddenly, the small hairs on my neck suddenly stood up and I paused on the path.  There, no more than ten feet from us, were three whitetail deer obviously as surprised to see us as we them.  We paused and, against the backdrop of late winter woodland filled with browns and grays, they blended in near perfectly.  My daughter’s eyes lit up when she finally saw them.  A few moments and then with an irritated flip of their tails, they slowly began to move away and further back into the woods like ash colored ghosts.

We whispered along the path and even saw the deer one more time.  As we neared the area, I started doing some dowsing and she watched intently.  Obviously a little bored with someone else doing it, she asked, “Can I try?”  I walked her through, again, how to determine a “Yes” and a “No.”  Interestingly enough, her responses were reversed with crossed rods indicating “No” and open rods indicating “Yes.”  Not sure why but I did not try to train her differently.  Just goes to show that most of this work is entirely based on personal energy and patterns.  I instructed her to ask first where the closest Fey spot was located.  I knew where it was but I had done nothing to indicate where it’s location was physically.  She asked and the rods spun ever so slightly to point in the exact direction of the Fey circle and the holly plant over 30 feet away which I had discovered last Mid-Summer’s Eve.  We walked towards it with her leading the way with the rods.

Once there I instructed her with a few questions but mainly let her have a go at everything.  Without her knowing anything about the site, she confirmed everything I had already explored, even down to the proper area for entering and departing.  All I could do was smile and shake my head.  All of a sudden she asked, “Where should I go next?”  The rods moved and angled towards an area that I’ve yet to really explore yet.  The catch?  It was the same exact direction I had encountered when I asked if “there was another Fey spot nearby” over six months ago.

I asked her if she would like to go there or to see Grandmother Tulip.  She wanted to see Grandmother since we were close.   And, as if she had been doing it her whole life she asked, “Is it alright if we go to that other spot later?”   Of course, the rods gave her a “Yes.”

The visit continued in this vein.  She took to the dowsing as naturally as a bird to the air.  She met Grandmother Tulip and after a whispered, “Wooooow…” she  smiled and walked up next to her huge trunk.

“It’s warmer here.  I can feel it,”  she said with a smile.  We only spent about half an hour with Grandmother as a cooler wind had started to build and my daughter was beginning to get cold.  As you might expect though, the drizzling rain had stopped the moment we had walked within range of the Fey area.  It seems to be the case when doing energy work that some sort of weather “salute” occurs.  This time, as we came to touch Grandmother Tulip, the sun came out.  I asked her if she could tell how the tulip tree felt and after leaning against her bark for a few moments with eyes closed she said, “She still kind of asleep.  Like on a Saturday morning…”

I had to laugh.  We left a small cut-out paper heart which we had brought for Grandmother Tulip, covered with leaves at the base of her trunk where the dowsing rods indicated it would be best, and then we walked back to the car.  We saw the trio of deer one final time and said goodbye to them.  Upon leaving the tree line, the sun disappeared and the drizzle began again.  The temperature seemed to plummet and we hurried to the car.  As the car warmed, we talked some more, about the dowsing, about the Fey, about coming back and what would happen.

Upon arriving home, she strolled in, tossed her coat in the closet and sat down to watch some television.  An hour or so later, when I went to pick up my wife from work, I told how amazing it had all been.  When we returned home she asked our daughter, “So, what did you do this afternoon?”

“Oh, nothin,” came the reply.

I blinked at my wife and she looked at me.  “Didn’t you go with your Dad or something?”

And then, realizing she had totally spaced on what we had done, she came alive and started talking about it.  She wrapped up with, “It was pretty cool.”

What do you do with a child that’s a natural?    How do you get them to understand what they are taking for granted without ruining that same talent?  It’s a little like the old cartoon joke.  One cartoon character is flying off a cliff and enjoying themselves.  Another cartoon character looks at the first one and says, “What are you doing?  You can’t fly!”  Shocked, the first character stops in mid-flight, looks down and then plummets to his cartoony doom.

I do not want to be that second cartoon character.

So, I will let my daughter be and I will continue to let her fly, blissfully.

Happy Spring everyone!


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