Winter Work

With the retreat of the cold and the early arrival of Spring, I’m hoping to start my new year of this work by going to check on Grandmother Tulip and the fey spot nearby this weekend.  The winter, as it draws to a close, was one of the more intense ones we’ve endured in some time.  The premonition I had in the Fall turned out to be very accurate.  With this latest ice storm that rolled through the area over Imbolc, I was a taken aback by how closely the images I’d seen in my mind’s eye matched what was occurring in the real world.  My heart was saddened by the amount of damage that occurred to the trees of the area as the weight of the ice took it’s toll.

During my meditation on the 2nd of this month, I dowsed to see how long Winter would be with us and my results indicated an early Spring.  Just me and the groundhog, right?  For sure, it was an odd answer to get while a few inches of ice threatened power lines and thick blankets of snow closed interstates and highways.  However, a little over a week after the ice storm, I saw two high level vees  of Canadian Geese heading northward.  As we clear mid-February, the temperatures have gone to 60 degrees and several migratory bird species have already been reported as being “on the move.”  I’ve dowsed a bit more and it would seem we’ll have a few more cold spells but the worse is now behind us.  I certainly hope so!

I’ve spent the winter time working on a few things.  Another friend of mine reported an energy disturbance in her home and I offered my skills to help determine the origin as well as clearing it if I was able.  I have to say I really do enjoy this kind of remote work as well as the successes that begin to pile up when you begin to double check the dowsed results to information at the site.  With this case, I was able to determine that although the home was lit up “like a Yule Tree” with positive energy, there had, in fact, been a disturbance.  The best explanation I could offer was an example of what a magical place like Tolkien’s Lothlorien must feel like after a goblin or two walk by the boundary.

In the end, I was able to find an odd dark spot by the back doors on an outside deck.  It felt to me as if someone had “cased” the house or even, considering what I dowsed, thought about casing the house.  I also kept getting this feeling of “impending vandalism.”  It was an odd thing to find and when I asked if the energy was connected to someone  or something nearby I was given a yes.  Was it a neighbor?  Yes.  Uh – oh.

I always get a bit nervous  because I am very much against the finger pointing which can occur when something like this crops up.  Matter of fact, isn’t that just like a wacko psychic to say, “Oh, I’ve discovered the source of the energy and it’s a neighbor!  However,  I’m not sure which one so you better watch ALL of them!”  *shiver*  I personally hate that sort of thing but here I was getting exactly that kind of result.  So, I asked a final question.  Could I get a direction of where the source of negative energy and/or the neighbor was coming from?  It swung to the northwest.

When talking with my friend, I cautiously asked if there had been any trouble in the neighborhood.  Any thefts or vandalism?  MAybe just minor stuff?  This brought up the information that there had, in fact been, a neighborhood teenager causing minor bits of trouble and lately his friends, also troublemakers, had been hanging out with him in the neighborhood.  I asked in which direction the teenager lived from their house and I was told, “Oh, he lives kind of north and west of us.”

Well…. okay then.

With that confirmation, I decided to go ahead and relayed what I had dowsed.  I urged caution and that I was not wanting any kind of paranoia to set in.  It seemed like a very odd synchronicity and I wanted to keep it at that for now.  My friend and I went about clearing the energy of the space.  I also asked that beneficial, healing energy go to the troubled teenager as well as the guidance of making good, constructive choices in the future.   My friend, knowing several other pagan friends, had called in the troops and they wasted no time in placing a  fair share of protection in and around the home.   At last check a week or so ago, things were going along very well and the home felt solid, beneficial and protective again.  No other news regarding the teenager has come up.

This is one of the situations where I simply have to shrug my shoulders and say, “Well, Cool.”  What else can you do?  The hit regarding the negative energy being to the northwest?  The odd feeling of trespassing and vandalism about to happen?  All solid hits without any kind of  “real” data to back them up.

Regardless, something had worked and, from the feedback I received, it had worked very very well.


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