End of the Year Wrap for 2010

I started this blog back in May of 2010.  I know it’s not been a full year for the blog yet but as we come through the New Moon and astrological start of the new year, I did want to recognize and discuss the end of 2010.

Looking back over it all, things have changed quite perceptively for me this past year in regards to dowsing and my normal level of energy work.  My work went from being “a little bit every week” to doing some form of dowsing on a daily basis.  The year has been tumultuous, to say the least, and I navigated those rough waters with the help of my family, friends as well as my pendulum and cards.   To discuss the full extent of the year, I’m going to break things into four catagories – Dowsing, Oracles, Earth Energy and The Fey.

Dowsing – By far the newest of my skill set, this will only be my second full year with dowsing.  To me, the sweep of advancement has been off the charts.  Looking back over where I was and where I am now I have to laugh at the accuracy of the Medicine Card I drew in regards to dowsing two years ago.  That card  was Snake or Transformation.  I’ve gone from initial curiosity to full blown practitioner and seem to be finding my niche in which to settle.

A little past mid-way through 2010 I had what I suppose you would consider a “crisis” or “dark night of the soul” in regards to dowsing.  I mentioned it here.  A few months later, after working my way through it,  I found my accuracy had increased and things were much more smooth.

Because of that “crisis,” I also have a new found respect for what Gwas Myrrdyn and Kal Malik over at the Hedge Druid have dubbed the Trickster element in dowsing.    It appears to be a form of intentional interference to dowsing accuracy which responds to A.) trying to push to hard towards a certain level, B.) Being over-emotional while trying to dowse or C.) working towards something in which you really shouldn’t be meddling.  It also seems directly related to the Ego.

Interestingly enough, once I danced with this Trickster and floundered around because of it, my respect for what I was working with increased and, in direct correlation, my accuracy.  In the end I’m not really sure what all this points to but I do think it smacks of very Fey-like energy.

Later in the year, that accuracy allowed me to remote dowse for a friend dealing with negative energies in her apartment as well as helping find a lost dog in my hometown.  All of these experiences over the year helped me to solidify that dowsing was very real and, as it would appear, I was possibly getting the hang of it.

The Fey – The not so newest of my skill-set is my work with the Fey.  Over the past year I seem to have gotten to know some of the local fey or nature spirits around my apartment.  I also dabbled, briefly, in using dowsing and a letter board to get some very broken communication going.  I found a very Fey spot in a patch of woods near my workplace and hope to interact there more this year.   The greatest experience, by far, was what happened on Midsummer Eve with the Fey near Grandmother Tulip.

Oracles – In a very interesting sequence of events, I started looking more closely at Tarot cards and surprisingly found myself in the possession of more than one deck.  (I’ve worked with oracles for well over 20 years and had sort of tucked the Tarot back in the corner.)  The last deck that came to me this year, the Llewellyn Tarot, has been my deck of choice for the majority of the year.  I’ve really enjoyed working with it and it seems to work very nicely with my other cards as well, including the Faeries Oracle.  The “feel” of it meshes well with me.  I did several readings by request over the past year and I think I am now in a position to move forward into doing readings for others.

Also in the realm of oracles, I took several steps towards a larger project that I’ve not mentioned on here as of yet.  This project revolves around an oracle I am building from scratch and something I’ve been working on for close to four years.  This year, 2010, marked  the point were I started organizing it and taking it from a “good idea” to daily use and full physical manifestation.  I did this on a personal level as I am still running it through my own tests and getting familiar with it’s workings.  You’ll be hearing more on this once we’re sailing along in 2011.

Earth Energy – 2010 has definitely been the year of the ley line or energy track  for me.  I was able to gather a lot of information on the K1 Line and the original power node that showed itself to me last year.  I’ve tracked it and been able to say, if indeed it continues in a straight line, that it connects not only with an ancient site further to the south but also to an area known to once contain hundred of prehistoric mounds in a state further to the north.

I started tracking energies every chance I was given.  I’ve been led to an ancient tulip tree and many other wonderful spots locally.  Most recently, I decided to start researching major energy centers around the area in which I live.  This started what I called the Leystone Project and is still continuing.  Again, I’m being left with more questions then answers.

The largest challenge I have is that I am working with raw material, untouched in this way for perhaps hundreds of years if at all.  In a way, as most challenges go, it’s a great opportunity.  In England and other place where the ley lines or earth energy centers are more incorporated into the structures and culture, there is a chicken and egg discussion.  Did the energy bring about the locations (stone circles and, later on, churches) or did the locations bring about the energy?  For where I am here, there is little in the way of locations but there is definitely energy!  I’m not sure what I can bring to the discussion just yet but I’m hoping the next few years bring some interesting material.

The greatest reward of this work is  feeling far more connected to the land around me.  It’s been hard for me to describe but I guess you could say it’s an awareness that the land around me is aware of my work.  Even over all my years of doing this sort of thing, there is now more of a sense of “give and take” between myself and the land.  For lack of better words, I would call it a sacred relationship.

There’s no way I could encapsulate all of my year in one post, not this year anyway.  It’s been so very full and I’m very thankful for all the experiences, even the not-so-pleasant ones!  I want to thank all of you out there that have taken the time to read my mad ramblings and I hope that if I’ve not enlightened or instructed I have, at the very least, entertained.

I’m looking to move forward with what I’ve learned and to see what I can find in 2011.  My next post will talk a bit more about what is coming up in 2011 and I’ll see if I can get back to doing a bit of oracle reading for all of you.

Happy New Year!


2 responses to “End of the Year Wrap for 2010

  • Gwas Myrddyn

    Hi Rustus.
    Reading your summary of the year was like seeing myself in a mirror only a few years ago. Your extra-ordinary progress is a sign of how much your are in the flow of the universe. Stay floating in that stream like an autumn leaf navigating a gentle stream and the rippling music of Nature will enchant and delight you on your journey.
    Reading your blog gives me great pleasure. Glad to see you’re finding your feet with the dowsing. Never mind the Trickster’s occasional tugs on the rods, watch out for the damned Leprechauns!!
    You’re in line for a great 2011 for sure.

  • Rustus

    Thanks so much for the comment! I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy the blog since Hedge Druid is one of my weekly reading joys as well.

    I don’t mind the leprechauns as much as long as they play nice.

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