Something Toxic – The Leystone Project, Part Two

As I started work on the project, things began to get interesting much sooner than I had expected.

After acquiring the two targets on the paper map, I took the information to the computer and Google Earth.  I started with Point Valkyrie, the first spot I had targeted and looked to see what was there.  I found the cemetery easily enough and discovered something.  Exactly where I had dowsed there was a large, white, circular formation on the ground.  From the satellite photo it looked like a large concrete pad or a very large tarp.  I was definitely surprised but unsure as to what I had discovered.

Puzzled a bit, I decided to move on to Point Griffon.  Zooming in, I asked a few questions with a handy pendulum and felt like I was able to get a slightly tighter area to work after being directed to the very top of a ridge that appeared to be the highest in the area.  The woods and area where the spot is located is definitely on public ground but the issue would be getting to it.  I knew of one trail head in the area but was pretty sure no official trails actually went to where I needed to go.  The final decision was that a scouting session would be in order just as soon as I could break free for an afternoon.

Moving back to Valkyrie, I began  searching the internet for any historical information and started with the nearby cemetery.  I had a hit with the first search and that’s when things got VERY weird.  I think I researched my findings for about two hours, looking over newspaper stories and research websites.  When I was done, I was absolutely stunned.

In short, I discovered Point Valkyrie had been an old landfill for the town, going back well into the 30’s.   If that wasn’t enough, I learned the EXACT spot I had dowsed was the landfill where dangerous toxic chemicals had been illegally dumped up until the 1980’s by a large manufacturer!  The white circle I’d seen on Google Earth was the large covering which had been put in place over the site.  Those chemicals had made it into the water system which hosted a system of underground springs directly nearby contaminating the water supply with dangerous levels of mercury and assorted other nastiness as it ran southward.  Still to this day, even with an aggressive clean-up in place, many of the local streams carry a “Do not eat the fish” warnings.  Finally, to top it all off, this particular spot was perhaps the strongest and most toxic site out of a handful that had been identified in the county where the company had dumped illegally.

Needless to say, this made me pause and go for a walk.

Now, I knew about this illegal dumping.  Having grown up in the area and being interested in the outdoors and fishing it’s hard not to.  It was a huge news story and had continued for over ten years.  Most locals knew about it.  I knew that contaminants had gotten into the water.  I knew of the legal battles and public outcry.  However, I only knew of one location on the south end of town.  I’d never researched it enough to know where the other sites were located and due to layers of cover-up it wasn’t something the local government liked to talk about!  “Oh, yes, we have a lovely town.  Oh, did we mention this little embarrassing situation that happened?  Let us show you the spot!  It’s toxically delicious!”

I had no idea of the location of the spot I’d been shown by the rods.  But, here it was, pinpointed exactly.  A great big circle of toxic nastiness.

The question is, why exactly was I pointed here?  Note, I did not ask for a Positive energy center or a Negative energy center.  I asked for “an energy center” and this was the first site the rods directed me to.  I could see very clearly what I was being shown but then, I had to ask, “Why?”   Was I being shown simply because I asked?  Was I being shown to actually do something about it?  I wasn’t sure what I could do about it since the issues involved in contamination of this site are fairly epic in their scope.  It was going to require a good solid reading with the cards and some more dowsing of information.

Pausing to gather my wits on the whole subject, I decided that, in comparison, Project Griffon was going to be a walk in the proverbial park!

Yeah, I was wrong about that one too.

~ To Be Continued ~


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