Sleepy Trees

Over the past two weeks, while out doing dowsing or energy work,  I’ve had the most interesting experiences with the trees I’ve encountered.  During a lunchtime visit to the park where I discovered the K1 line I felt drawn to a section of the park I’d not really explored.  The dowsing rods gave me a direction and after following them I came to a tulip tree.  It was an older tree compared to the younger ones around it but nowhere near the age of Grandmother Tulip.  (I dowsed it to be a little over 60 years old.)

Leaning against the trunk and protected from the chilly wind which had been blowing all day, I put the rods away and just relaxed.  Things were peaceful around me and I let myself drop into a meditative state.  Within minutes, a red tail hawk flew by and perched in a nearby pine tree.  I smiled, stayed put and slowed myself down further.  I reached out and connected to the tulip with great ease, something I’ve been able to do since working with Grandmother Tulip.

I asked gently why I had been drawn here?  Was there something I could do?  The image that came to my mind’s eye was of an empty bed, covers drawn back partially as if awaiting an occupant.  I asked if I was the one that needed to go to bed?  I received a solid but gentle, “No.”

“You’re going to bed?” I asked and was given what can only be termed as a psychic and  sleepy nod of the head.

Of course, it’ll be winter soon.  Cold has hit the area for the first time after a long dry summer that seemed to not want to give up it’s hold all through Autumn.  Morning frost was becoming a daily occurrence.  The hardwoods were going to sleep.  What followed in my communication was that I was being asked to do the energetic equivalent of a “tucking in.”  Though not necessary, I got the feeling it would be “very much appreciated.”  When I asked why this season and not anytime before I was told it was going to be a very hard winter for many of them.  (Them, of course, being the trees. )

So, for the next several minutes I visualized wrapping the tree and it’s roots in a warm blanket of energy which had a direct conduit to the K1 line that ran nearby.  When I felt it was finished, I felt a wave of appreciation and then suddenly felt a pull to another tree I could see on the far south end of the park.  I strolled over to it, a maple this time, and had a similar experience.  I did the same work and also  felt the same wave of gratitude.  This continued and I realized I was working a triangular pattern directly near the K1 line.  I didn’t question things and simply continued.  When I was finished, I went back to simply be with the first tree for a bit and soak in what had happened.

Over the next week, I had similar experiences.  All across the entire area, the woods are going to sleep.  It’s the first time I’ve ever felt it so solidly.   There is a peacefulness and groundedness to it.  In relation to that, the earth energies seem much more sluggish and slow when I am out and about.  It’s been going on around me all my life but this was the first time I’d ever felt it so strongly.  Had my close work with Earth energy over the past year brought about the sensitivity?

Even this past weekend, I wandered over to Grandmother Tulip with a dear friend of mine.  Grandmother Tulip was already mostly asleep but my energy seemed greatly welcomed by her and her children.  When I asked her if she knew why I was being called to do this now I felt/heard, “Because you can do it now.”  This was really great to hear and then I heard, again, a very brief and sleepy two words, “Hard winter.”  I then saw blankets of heavy snow, wind and limbs breaking.  I was called to two other places to do the same type of “tucking in” before leaving the small patch of woodland.  Yesterday, I felt the urge to do the same sort of energy blanket for the oak behind my home.

Are we in for a hard winter?  I truthfully have no idea.  I’ve asked my dowsing and it has confirmed what the trees have told me.  Everything appears to be pointing to a particularly rough winter coming up.  Am I being warned of a blizzard?  Something worse?  I don’t like to be overly paranoid about such things but it’s been difficult to tell if I’m overreacting to my new sensitivity or if I’m getting a real important news flash here.

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see!   I’m making sure that we have a bit of extra supplies around the place over the next few months; batteries, water, etc.  Maybe even snagging up a weather radio or a shortwave?  In the interest of accountability, I promise to revisit this post in March and we’ll see just how things shook out or, in this case, down.


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