The Leystone Project, Part One

I started a major dowsing project a few weeks ago.  With a city and county map available I began to map dowse targets for high powered energy centers and ley lines in my area.  After a long calming meditation, I got started in the peace and quiet of a Saturday morning at the kitchen table.  Going in I knew I needed to go slowly, methodically.  Being a bit more experienced in the errors that could occur from being hurried and/or disconnected, I placed the stipulation I would only investigate up to three targets before stopping for the morning session.  I would then take the information acquired and build my next step.

I’d originally had this idea after finding the K1 node and line over a year ago but since that time grew increasingly nervous about several facets, the scope of the work and my ability to complete it properly.  My main concern was not having any way to double check my work.  It’s one thing to map dowse for physical items or locations and another to try and find nebulous energy that you have no other way to confirm.  There are no stone circles here and no ancient markers for this kind of thing.  The only culture that would have had ties to earth energy and ley lines were the Native Americans and any of their local historical knowledge on the subject is very difficult to acquire or, in most cases, lost.

However, in the past few weeks, something’s shifted for me and as I’ve come back to dowsing not only is my dowsing noticeably stronger, I’m much more aware of what can interfere with it’s signal.  Perhaps it’s the reason for the trickster lesson that occurred to me in September?  A bit far-fetched but I see it along the lines of “the only real way to learn and experience the dangers of driving your car is to wreck it.”

The other nagging question I have is, “what do I do with the information?”  I have the concern that by posting such information to the public it could be making the areas vulnerable to intrusion or tampering.  Again, we’re not talking about protected stone circles or castle ruins but just simple spots in the woods and/or private property.  Though I’d love to show you maps and diagrams of what I’m discovering I don’t feel secure in placing them out there for the whole world to see.  This is the main reason I’ve kept the K1 Line and node information hidden. There is also the fact/theory that an experienced dowser or remote viewer could work with any map or diagram offered.  The theory being is that it offers up an energy conduit to where I am working and so it stands to reason an expert dowser could take any images I offer up and work them themselves, even tamper with the energies or throw out false targets.  I don’t really expect someone to care that much but I have to recognize it as a possibility.  I also have to take some responsibility for what I find.

Of course, I then turn around and ask myself if I should be so justified in those concerns?  Am I being too paranoid?  Wouldn’t it be good to share this information?  Let others build on what I find?  The rods, and the cards, both tell me I’m doing the right thing in keeping it under the radar so I’ll follow their lead for now.  I hope you don’t mind putting up with vague descriptions as I move forward.

In beginning the project I asked to be shown “high powered (more than a 5 on a scale of 1-10) earth energy based power centers” and began with a single L-rod along the lower edge of the map.  Once I received a hit, I then rotated the map and slowly swept the rod along the left edge.  With the second hit/axis acquired I took a straightedge and drew lines from the two marks for my first target.  It marked an area, possibly residential,  just north of one of the older town cemeteries.  Interesting!

I then realized I should change the wording of my request slightly and I should start with the largest power center on the map.  One of those moments where you’re not really sure why you didn’t think of it first off but you’re glad for the inspiration!  So, I reworded the request for “the highest powered earth based energy center on the map.”  The L-rod was very communicative, responding like a meter gauge, swinging strongly and with intent as it locked on to both the X and Y axis easily.  I was surprised and a bit elated to see the result, the top of a higher ridge on the north side of town seated very nicely on public land.  I was moderately familiar with the area but had not been on top of that particular ridge since it was a bit off the beaten pathways.  Also interesting!

I followed up with ley line questions and was told, via my pendulum, that the first spot had no ley lines around it while the second one one the ridge, the stronger one, was a concentration point for at least two lines and a weaker signal for a possible third line.  It looked like I had my work cut out for me with the project!

I opted to label the first one Valkyrie and the second stronger point as Griffon and I realized my next step was to not only do a bit of historical research on those areas but to get the info into Google Earth and start planning periods of time to work with those spots.

And that is where things began to get VERY interesting…

(Continued in Part Two)


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