Remote Energy Dowsing

I recently had a dear friend email me after a major move with a small concern over possible negative energies in her new apartment.  After a short exchange, I agreed to do what I could to guide her through identifying and removing the energies.   I thought I’d offer up my process here so as to give an illustration how you might be able to do something similar.

First off, I needed to get some sort of idea of what we were dealing with in her apartment space.  Earth energies?  Emotional residue?  Spirits?  A mix of two or all three?  She sent me a hastily drawn map of her apartment and I got to work with my pendulum.  With the diagram directly in front of me, I began with a series of yes/no questions which I had written down prior.  There were perhaps fifteen in all and as I worked through them I added another ten as ideas popped forward.  Was there negative energy in the apartment?  Was it causing an ill effect?  Was it residual from a previous resident? Though I received plenty of “no” answers, all the ones above received a “Yes.”

I then asked for how many negative energy areas or centers there were and dowsed that number as well.   I went on and did the same thing for positive energy centers.  With the number of centers divined, I began to map dowse the diagram.  I did this by guiding the pendulum up one side of the diagram until I got a positive response.  Once that occurred, I led the pendulum over and into the diagram on the axis I had found.  Once at the spot, the pendulum would spin.  I marked this on the diagram and then dowsed the strength of the energy center on a scale of 1 -10.  I did this for both negative and positive energy areas.  After that clarification I then added the rankings up and compared them.  The five negative energy centers were mid to low rankings but the three higher powered positive centers had them overpowered.  However, there was definitely enough concentrated negative energy in some areas of the house to warrant a problem.

The next step after finding the spot and its strength was to have the pendulum show me the aura of the energy center.  How large was it?  This is an important question since I’ve occasionally seen a strength 2 center with a huge area of effect and a strength 8 confined to a three foot wide area.  With it poised directly over each spot on the diagram, I asked the pendulum to swing in a circle and show me how much of the area was being effected.  This time there was nothing too surprising as the pendulum responded by showing larger circles for stronger centers and smaller areas for weaker centers.  I marked these out on the diagram as well.

The final step was to determine if there were any energy streams or pathways between the centers.  Was one connected to another?  Did any circle, spiral around, or move out of the house?  Which direction was the energy moving or circulating?  Were there spots that were powered from somewhere outside of the apartment?  I found several connections and marked these on the diagram as well.

The whole process took quite a bit of time but when done I felt I had built a pretty accurate representation of the energy pattern in my friend’s new apartment.  I stopped and took a decent walk to re-ground and center from the process.  This is an important step for not only energy work but in-depth oracle readings as well.  It’s easy to let your focus become too narrow.  A walk or something similar can clear your head so your focus can loosen a bit and you can approach the situation again with better vision.

She was, in fact, dealing with residue energies from previous occupants as well as a negative energy pattern that surrounded the entire complex.  I also felt that after dealing with the largest energy problem (which was ranked a 5 on the 1-10 scale) the others attached to it would also begin to dissipate.  Sometimes, in these situations, simply being able to know where the negative centers are can be enough to begin changing things. Once back home, I crafted an email, included the diagram with the energy centers marked and gave my analysis.

I was happy to hear back shortly that several of the spots were exactly what she had been feeling and that several of the larger positive centers had an exact physical match to some of her own work or items in the apartment; none of which I knew previously.  As the days passed, we worked out ways to transmute the negative energy or disperse it which included the use of incense and positive visualization.

She was also able to find more information about the apartment including the fact a woman had recently died in an apartment below hers.  Interestingly enough, the apartment layouts are exact twins and one of the major centers of negative energy I dowsed was in the location where the woman had passed away a floor below hers.  With that information in hand, we continued work clearing the space and I inquired further regarding the death.  My thoughts were that the energy from below was seeping upwards.  Where it was only a 5 in her apartment it was probably much worse a floor down!  Some of this was confirmed after another dowsing round but there was no evidence of a lingering or lost spirit.

Currently, the energy in her apartment is settling, becoming more peaceful.  The next move is to see what we can do about clearing out the area surrounding her apartment complex and making the whole space a bit “better off” energetically.

You can do similar steps with your own home though I encourage you to approach it with a clear, balanced and non-judgmental mindset.  Meditate before you begin and balance your emotions.  This is critical in dowsing work because if you are CERTAIN that the bedroom closet has negative creepy-crawlies then you’re pendulum or dowsing tool will mirror those preconceptions.  A grounded, clear-headed approach cannot be overstated.  Also, make sure you have the time allotted for the work.  I’ve found that at least an hour is necessary for the grounding, questions, and initial dowsing rounds.

Give it a try and let me know what you’ve found.  If this is the first time doing something like this in your home, you may be surprised by what you find! Let me know how it goes in the comments.  The same applies if you have any questions.


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