November New Moon

This weekend was busy for me.  I awoke both days with a pressing desire to do readings.  Yet, I really wasn’t sure what I needed to ask both times just this need that communication needed to occur.  Always a conundrum.  What I did feel was that this new moon was particularly powerful for me and I needed to take advantage of it.

So, I did a whole bevy of readings and just let the cards answer any question that popped into my mind.  Two pretty wonderful mornings that, in the latest crazy, I’ve not had for a while!  I wanted to share one of those readings with you.  It was a reading for personal information regarding my path starting with the current new moon and onward to the full moon.  However, as it seems I am doing more and more lately, I built my own spread for the reading.  Just a basic cross spread that touches on the high points most other readings discuss.  It’s so basic it could be used for just about any query.  The one layout variation I made was to have the 4 and 5 cards go vertical between the “right now” central card and the upcoming future card.  I did this because it helped symbolize things I was moving towards.

I like to put some sort of time marker on my cards, a trick I picked up from using the I-Ching.  By placing such a marker I can get a good idea as to when I should be keeping my eyes open for changes.  For instance, since I’m using the lunar phase as my marker, the effects of the “in front of me” or future card should start to flow into being around the waxing crescent while “Where I am right now?” disperses.  This way Card #3 will become my “Where I am right now” at the marker of the Full Moon.

The spread is below along with my own interpretation of the cards.

Question : What information should I know from the Fey for the cycle between November’s new and full moon?

Faerie Wisdom Spread

1. Where I am right now?
2. What is behind me?
3. What is in front of me?
4. Who is my ally? What should I keep in mind??
5. What should I look out for?

1. Where I am right now?  She of the Cruach
A card of comfort and support.  But, not just any ol’ comfort and support but that which can only be provided by the She of the Cruach.  A time of nurturing, support and possibly pregnancy as new ideas and new inspirations charge up on within the inner space.  The weekend alone proved this to be perfectly true.   The days ahead should be mostly yin which is a much welcome break from the hectic pace of a few weeks ago.  Time to recharge, gather and ground myself for the next few days.

2. What is behind? Green Woman
Ah, the Green Woman.  One of my favorite cards mainly due to the attitude!  This time the Green Woman is speaking to how I’ve come out of a period where I’ve found a growing sense of not only self-confidence but maturity.  Because of what I’ve gone through I’m stronger for it and more experienced.  Not to the point of being a jerk about it but I’ve noticed I’m carrying around a bit more chutzpah lately.

3. What is in front of me? Laiste, Moon’s Daughter
Learning how to take that newly found confidence forward into trusting the process. Following my intuition and being handed a few riddles along the way.  Deciphering the oracle of the everyday which is the language of Laiste.  Learning more with cartomancy but also I think this points more towards another project I’ve been working on.  Something I’d been thinking about unveiling soon anyway.  Laiste’s arrival gave me the bump I needed.

4. Who is my Ally?  Master Maker
Whatever I do, do it with the pride and thoroughness of the Master Maker.  There is a magic in perfection or the steadfast pursuit of perfection.  Sand every edge, test every joint.  Have confidence that whatever I am making is of the utmost quality.  This also applies to the project mentioned above. That quest for perfection will imbue it with a magic all its own and something other people will, in time, notice.

5. What should I look out for?  Singer of Initiation
(Whenever I have a “look out for” or “obstacle” card in my spreads I usually read their reversed meanings.) I should not block the process that is happening.  I am in a passage from the old to the new and I must not sabotage it or resist it.  I asked for this, didn’t I?  I will need to look at things in a slightly different way and understand, with Laiste’s help, to decipher it and trust the process while listening to the Master Maker guide me in doing it as best as I can.

Next up?  I’m going to do my best to interlace this into the larger Harvest Spread I did on Mabon!


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