The Lenormand and Me

I’m reviewing my work with the Lenormand cards this week and thought I’d offer up some initial thoughts.  There were two things I found satisfactory about them.  One, their accuracy and two, their ability to nail, very specifically at times, physical moments, key people, items or concepts happening in my day.  Whereas Tarot, Runes, and other oracles seem to offer a more ephemeral reading the Lenormand seem very skilled at pointing at specifics.  However, these only seem to be specifics ground in the day to day.

Granted, I’ve only done a handful of three card readings with them and they have been small daily readings without any overarching spiritual foundation to them.  “Hey cards, what’s up today?” has sort of been my attitude.  With that in mind, they’ve been very accurate.

I approached the 3 card reading with much the same cavalier attitude.  Find three cards, toss ’em down, and combine them.  No left to right, no right to left, but instead just combining them in a jumble to try and get a view on the day or an important event in the day.  Much to my surprise, what I’ve noticed in reviewing my daily readings (and with only a small handful of other readings I’ve not posted here) is that the 3 card readings seem to form themselves up into a formula all by themselves.

The central card of the three seems to always be the most important factor or object of my day.  The one thing to keep “centrally” on the radar.  The central card says, “Hey, right here, you need to pay attention here!”  Meanwhile the cards to the left and right bookend the day and offer up, if you will, decoration and secondary insights.  For instance, my daily reading from November 4th (Crossroads + Woman + Moon) ended up going like this: Keep an eye out for a woman that will play an important role today (female co-worker which ended up to be VERY important by the end of the week.)  She might bring you a decision or be based around an important decision and, oh, by the way, emotions and a bit of lunacy are gonna spice things up for you.  Regardless of all of that, focus on the woman.  Have fun!  It was dead on.

One of the Lenormand’s strengths is it’s simplicity with it’s symbols.  Unlike tarot it’s pretty straightforward.  “Dude, I’m a book. What do books do?” There’s very little wiggle room with that kind of direct imagery and, in it’s direct fashion, it’s comforting without being stifling.  The trick comes when those simple symbols begin to intertwine.  “Dude, now I’m a book and a ring.  What do books do?  What do rings do?”  Within that interaction is the chemistry for intuition and that’s where, I feel, the magic happens.  This can, of course, be said for any oracle.

Granted, I have not ventured into the land of the epic Grand Tableau just yet or, for that matter, even a five card reading.  The Grand Tableau is where you use every one of the 36 cards in a large reading for yourself.  I’ve not really had the time to dig into something like that this week but I am definitely planning on it.  I’m fascinated with the concept of doing a a Grand Tableau which is based on where certain cards fall within the pattern.  It’s almost like a coordinated rune stone drop.

All of that being said I’m not sure the Lenormand is for me as a main source for readings.  Like any other tool it most definitely has a place in my toolbox but I’m not sure it’s my favorite one.  What’s been really rewarding is how fun it’s been to work with my DIY Lenormand deck.  Two days ago I accidentally bent the Anchor card.  Oh, horror and woe!  I cut out another bit of index card, grabbed a marker, drew an anchor and, presto chango, my deck is fixed.  After looking through I decided I didn’t like the art on my Book card.  Easy to fix.  Cut a new card, grab a marker, and, wah-lah, done.

I’ll keep moving forward with them and I’ll post larger readings here to be sure.  If anyone would like to share Lenormand readings or offer up discussion, let me know!  I’d enjoy it a great deal.

In the meantime, you’ve been wonderfully patient putting up with my Sharpie marker artwork!  I’ll do my best to get some better images up here in regards to the Faeries Oracle and my standby Llewellyn Deck over the next week!


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