Daily Lenormand Reading Nov. 5th

And, here we go, another daily reading using my DIY Lenormand cards.  I did this early this morning right after waking up.

Clover + Ring + Sun

Now in looking at the meanings for these cards I got pretty excited.  Clover can stand for good luck and new possibilities.  Ring represents a strong relationship, proposal or agreements.  Sun = optimism, happiness and success.  Combining all of these together with the fact today was my deadline to craft and submit a lengthy proposal which stemmed from the meeting two days ago, I was going to take it as a good sign indeed!

The other option is that I’m going to have a terrific, fortune filled day!

I’m willing to wait to see how the day plays out though.  I’ll be back with an update tomorrow morning!

Update – Well, what a day.   Really.  Just a fantastic day.  I’m not sure this reading had to do with any ONE moment since much of all the day was fantastic.  However, one thing I do know is that it had little to do with my work project.  My work project went fine was completed and submitted on time.  Based on the events of the day, I’m going to look to the middle central card, the ring, and say this had everything to do with my wonderful wife, our marriage and things we are working on together.  Meeting her after work, we spent a wonderful evening just hanging out, helping a relative with a project of their own, and then cuddling on the couch and watching TV till wee hours.  It was the perfect ending to a frazzling week and I went to bed thinking about how lucky and happy I was to have found her.

Isn’t that just so sweet it makes your teeth ache?  Maybe the Lenormand cards need a Cake card to represent something like this?


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