Daily Reading for Nov. 4

Here’s my quick three card reading for today.

Crossroads + Woman + Moon

Three cards that I’ve not seen before so I’m overly curious to see if I get it right or, alternatively, what comes of it all.  What I am seeing is a crossroad of choice involving a woman at the center.  The moon speaks about emotions, intuition and psychic ability.  It can also cast an “influence” on people.

Update – What this eventually came to represent was a female co-worker with direction to my own work that was suddenly faced with some very difficult decisions.  Later in the day, due to the pressures and aggressiveness of the company owner, she finally “snapped” a little bit.  A good chunk of this had a direct relation to me and my continued work there.  Yet another direct hit!

Now, what I need to figure out is not just WHAT is going to happen but what is my best response to such things happening!


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