DIY Lenormand Cards

Over the past two days, also in line with Samhain, I’ve seemed to be led to something new; Lenormand Fortune Telling cards.  I really don’t remember how I stumbled onto them.  One minute I’m surfing the web for card spreads and the next I’m looking at the website for Mlle. Lenomand’s Fortune Telling Cards and becoming very very curious.

They’ve definitely struck my interest.  36 cards, simple images and a very interesting way of doing a reading that appears simple only on the surface.  I also liked the way they seemed to be focused on day to day, practical matters.

I was pretty sure I would be unable to find a deck locally and since I’m busy regulating all my funds towards my children and survival, I would be unable to make a rush purchase online.  I had to rely on a few of my favorite phrases.  One from my wife, “Don’t buy it if you can make it” and one from myself, “It doesn’t have to be fancy to work.”  Getting out a stack of index cards, a black marker and dusting off my artistic ability I decided to make a stickman set of Lenormand Cards.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Brandishing my finest Lifehacker / DIY skills, I did them at lunch and have been carrying them around with me.  If I ever get my camera up and running again I promise I’ll share with you their glorious simplicity.  I can hear the cries and lamentations already!  “They’re not real!” or “They’ll never work!”  To that I reply with a hearty “Balderdash!”  If an experienced oracle or shaman can add a bit of paint to some found rocks, feathers and bits of shell and string then I can make doodles on some index cards and call them effective!

I just started today with a recommended daily spread of three cards.  As I can, I’ll post my continuing thoughts, spreads and comments on the cards.  They’ll not replace my beloved Faery Oracle deck or my Llewellyn Tarot but I do love the fact that I can jam them in a shirt pocket or redo a picture if I have a bit of spare time!

My Daily Reading for Yesterday

Key + Book + Rider

Key can stand for success and new ventures.  Open doors and locked chests.  Or, in this case, a locked book.  Book stands for knowledge or secrets.  So, a success in unlocking a secret and some knowledge?  The Rider stands for news and messages.    Could it apply to the fact I’ve suddenly started using the cards?  Discovered a new way to unlock knowledge which will move me forward?  Alright.  I’ll keep my eyes open for it and see how it goes.

Update — After getting through the day, I was VERY impressed with how well they worked.  Though I liked my initial interpretation, what actually occurred was a very interesting lunch with a friend where several bits of information and secrets were discovered that apply directly to my current stress-filled job issues.   Then, later in the day, more knowledge was imparted and with the reading in mind, I moved forward quickly to act on it.  All in all, a success right out of the box!  Or…err… pocket!


3 responses to “DIY Lenormand Cards

  • Lenormand Learner

    I think your DIY Lenormand deck is fantastic! I’m not surprised that they work so well for you considering that you invested your own energy into making the deck. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a DIY deck of my own, but sadly I lack your artistic talent. I’ve very much enjoyed reading about your practices with the deck, and hope you’ll continue exploring this wonderful oracle!

    A Lenormand Oracle Lover!

  • Rustus

    Hey there! Thanks for the comment! I actually found your site when I was first getting my brain around the cards. So good to see you found my blog!

    I’ll be posting more on here as I play with the cards. I love taking a new system and meshing everything I learn from it into the other systems already in my head. I really do enjoy using them because unlike other systems, these really seem to talk about down-to-earth, day-to-day events.

    Look forward to see more of your comments and hope you keep reading!

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    […] It’s been two years since I first stumbled on the Lenormand cards.   When I could not find a deck locally for purchase I whipped out a Sharpie marker, some index cards and went to work.  The result is what I ended up calling my “Stick Man Lenormand.”  I only made a handful of posts but you can see the first one here. […]

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