Around the Horn

It’s been a month without a post from me.  Once again, apologies.  I had hoped to do more writing as we led up to the Samhain season but, alas, foiled again!

Coming out on the other side of All Hallows, I think I’ve come through a gate, a transition point.  The latter part of this year has been filled to the brim with chaos and, quite frankly, death.  I have to go back at least ten years to find a four month period in my life which was this intense.  I’m reminded of the saying “Around the Horn” which was a nautical term for sailors making the dangerous passage around Cape Horn on the Drake Passage.  From the Cape Horn wikipedia entryHowever, the waters around the Cape are particularly hazardous, owing to strong winds, large waves, strong currents and icebergs…

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.  In the case of going “around the Horn,” sailors that made it through could look forward to the warm and beautiful waters of the South Pacific.
Likewise, when you get through an intense period in your life you come out the other side stronger, wiser and bit more settled.    And, so it goes.

That period of time wrecked most of my in-place practices such as the weekly reading, dowsing and, as you may have noticed, blog writing.  In it’s place came a more rapid-fire style of cutting a deck, looking at a card for some quick information and then dashing out and on my way.  Fast notes were scribbled in a small paper notebook and either piled up or, unfortunately, lost in the laundry.  My journal entries on daily readings became non-existent.  In short, I adapted and learned, once again, that the most important thing to have in those conditions is a good anchor to a positive attitude and good humor.  The information I’d received from my Harvest Spread was crucial in most of this.

The marker for smoother water, interestingly enough, appeared to be the days leading up to and during All Hallows and the end of the Celtic year.  The wind died down, the waves relented and my wife and I were able to take in some relaxation.  I’m still not sure why All Hallows was the marker but it was.  (Perhaps something I need to look into with a reading?)  Between enjoying the children and their costumes, we’ve also taken the time to pay our respects to those family members, allies and friends that crossed over this year.  On Samhain night, shortly after we’d put out our yearly offering a little after midnight, our little apartment was suddenly very very crowded.  We were fairly exhausted but we took the time to pay our respects.  I then went outside and stood in the chill cool wind, speaking my greetings and blessings to all of our invisible guests.  The peacefulness and energy were palpable.   It was a very good night.

And so, as All Hallows passes away, I’m hoping to get back to a steady ship-shape schedule of posting and information sharing.  I’m looking forward to more dowsing work too and am even considering opening myself up to some public readings.  I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to do it this time because I’d like to believe I’ve learned the lessons I was supposed to from the storm.  We’ll see how well that theory holds up!

Onward to calmer water.


Update on Fox – He is healthy and hearty and having a great time in his new home with his new basenji brother.  As the weeks have unfurled, the accuracy of my reading here has surprised me!  I couldn’t be happier with the way it has all turned out for him!


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