The Year’s Harvest

For the record, I’m not Wiccan, or Druid, or Hermetic.  To be honest, I’m not sure what I am!  I’m a kind of spiritual Heinz 57 loner that blends elements of older earth traditions, fey magic and a dash of eastern thought.  An odd sort of mish-mash that works for me.  However, because I’m connected to the Earth, I do follow the Wheel of the Year and as most of you know, it’s Mabon or Harvest Season.

Just as it’s opposite side of the yearly spectrum is Spring and Spring Cleaning, this time of yearI go in for what I consider Fall Cleaning.  It’s a time to take stock of what you have coming in, where you’re going to put it, what you have learned over the year and to get ready for the colder Winter wind.

Here’s a Mabon spread I designed and thought I’d share.  Feel free to use and let me know how it worked out! The spread goes down in the form of a horseshoe or upside down U with #1 being on the left.

Mabon/Harvest Season Spread
1. Knowledge from the Past or the Summer
2. What is to be harvested?
3. Who/What is to be my biggest Ally?
4. What have I learned to discard?
5. What should be known for Winter?

Here’s mine using The Faeries’ Oracle cards!

1. Knowledge from the past Summer / Solace – Solus for one of the hottest summers in our history.  But he means far more than that!  Solace represents “taking action and… for service from a strong position.”  To stand on our own two feet and make our own decisions.  This is very appropriate as this Summer has been, for me, about acknowledging my own knowledge and crafting my own way, about strength and moving forward with what I know and can do.  Looking back, I realize that this past several months have been about facing ordeals and challenges squarely and not shrinking from them or trying to hide.  A tough summer but a warrior’s summer.

2. What is to be harvested? / The Laume – The Laume is about the exchange of energy or, more specifically, the lesson of that energy exchange.  For those that are unfamiliar with the cards, The Laume is about the energy involved in unconditional giving and receiving.  Random acts of kindness and how that energy interacts with the universe.  That is, most definitely, my harvest from the Summer.  Though I’ve only mentioned it briefly here, this Summer was rife with lessons concerning this exchange and how, by using it, you can “unstick” a stuck situation!  The Laume is about the yin/yang working of energy.  With this card helping to point the way, I’ll try to focus into this in the future and write more about it.

3. Who/What is to be my biggest Ally? / Ta’Om the Poet – Laughter and energy abound.  Ta’Om is a buddy of mine that pops up quite frequently in this role and I’m pleased to see him again here!  His main focus is in writing and I’ll take all of the help from him I can get since I’m getting refocused not only on my work here but my fiction writing.  There is a lust for life that comes from Ta’Om, a zeal for it.  From the looks of it, my journey up to and through the beginnings of winter will be anything but boring!

4. What have I learned to Discard? / Ilbe the Retreiver – (I decided to read the reverse or inverted reading for this card since this is about things I need to discard.)  In his reverse meaning my answer lies waiting for me.  It’s time to discard the useless things or the old things so as to make room for the new.   A time to pull weeds and discard those things that are in the way and taking up the space where I need to place new things and interests that are coming my way.  This is soooo true as I look around and see there are many things in my physical space whose time “has come.”

5. What should I know for Winter? / A Collective of Pixies – There’s work to do ahead and the best way to tackle it will be with a cheerful approach.  A lighthearted approach NEEDS to be remembered for the coming Winter.  The other part of the Collective of Pixies is that I should be very mindful of others in my circle, of the cooperation of friends and family.  I should remember to seek those out and to not try to take things on all by myself.  By working together with trusted souls one can get further then he could by himself!


3 responses to “The Year’s Harvest

  • Jesa Macbeth

    1. From Summer–Faeries of the Future, reversed. There were lots of ideas that could not be carried out at that time, but are awaiting completion as it becomes possible. They aren’t going away.

    2. To Be Harvested–The Piper, reversed. Singing River! I found the Singing River and her magical song. She has stories to tell me; I need to spend a lot of time listening and recording. This, too, is imcomplete and may take a long while.

    3. My Ally–The Green Woman, reversed. Again, incomplete, much to do. She’ll help!

    4. To Discard–The Faun. This (and the next) puzzle me. The Faun usually says get out in the world, be present in nature, spend time just being. I aI m not at all certain what I need to discard. Oh. I sense that I need to discard the idea that I must be “out” in order to be present in nature. Silly me–my house is deeply surrounded by the natural world. I am there, even in the house; it could not be otherwise. So the thing to be discarded is an outworn, unthinking notion, and replace it with a new knackerty knotion.

    5. To Know for Winter–Ekstasis, reversed. Also puzzling. Ekstasis is full of bursting, scintillating light and joy. Its wings spread through the universe. Again, I need to rethink a concept. There is no place that Ekstasis is not; it is the bedrock of the universe, the Oran Mhor, the Great Song always being sung whether we are listening or not. I know this… whether I remember it or not.

    Odd thing–I put the cards back in the deck, just as I’d found them, and then realized that I wanted to look at the Faun and Ekstasis again. All five were now upright and I hadn’t turned them that way…

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