Helping a Friend Along

Fox is a basenji puppy.  A basenji is a breed of dog that is particularly, uhm, feisty.  This particular basenji came to our household from another family member who’s allergies had gotten worse.  Since we didn’t want to see this particular breed go to the shelter, we agreed to give it a go and brought him into our household.  We’d done our research on the breed and we reassured ourselves that this was a “test run.”

Unfortunately, basenji are a fairly high energy, independent sort.  It’s said they’re more like a combination of cat and dog then just dog.  It’s also said that a tired basenji is a happy basenji.  (That is, of course, if you can get them tired!) They’re the perfect companion for someone who can spend the time and energy to focus on them and keep them well trained.  They are not the best choice for an apartment with two kids and a young adult who’ve never trained a dog before!  Having trained several dogs, I spent the most time with Fox.  I took care of him all night when he had a dangerous fever.  I awoke at 6 AM to make sure he got his walk.  Though he was stubborn and a bit of a mischievous rascal, I started bonding with him.  Unfortunately, it was not turning into a good fit for our family.  He was destructive if left alone.  He was crate trained and had to spend time there while we were working.   Basenji do not bark but when they get upset or want something they can carry on and make a tremendous racket.  This happened nightly.  More importantly, even though Fox had begun as her dog, my wife’s allergies had also started to flair to the point she could rarely pet him without getting hives.   This was something Fox just did not understand when he wanted to come say “hi” to her.  Even in all of this, the bottom line was I was worried about his well-being, not ours.

Long story short, we were able to contact a group that takes rescues and through their wonderful assistance we’re making sure Fox gets a better home.  Today is his last day here.  The news has been bittersweet.  I’m delighted for him because I know he will be happier there than here.  He will have fellow basenji friends to make, space to run and a household that will hold him close.   After losing my best friend in August, an older lab/huskie mix, I will be without a dog in my life for the first time in over 20 years.  Because of all this I’ve decided that after we deliver Fox, I’ll be waiting awhile before getting another companion.  I need a pause.

Waking up the other morning I realized that we have just been a waystop for Fox so he might be as close a friend to someone else as my older dog was to me.  It was a very heartening realization.  Today, before leaving with him, I did a quick tarot reading about the situation and how things were going to turn out for good ol’ Fox.  I chose the Horseshoe Spread and modified a few of the positions.  I don’t normally do a significator but I did have the brief impulse to put down one for Fox.  I didn’t place one but what instantly flashed in my mind was the Knight of Swords since it was perfect for his personality.  The results are below.

Question – What commentary can you give me on Fox and his future with the Rescue group?

1. Past
2. Present
3. Future
4. Fox’s Attitude about all this
5. What I should know about the Rescue/Foster
6. Obstacle to face
7. Outcome

1. The Past /The Fool – This makes far more sense then I want to get into here!  Though there was a decent amount of folly here, taking Fox initially was also a large leap of faith.  It was definitely a path choice that appeared foolish to others.  Besides, just look at the picture.  There’s a dog right there, leaping with his buddy right over the rapids and on to adventure!

2. The Present / The Moon – This covered a lot of bases for me.  My intuition told me that moving Fox onward was the absolutely correct course of action.  I had no doubt of this.  What I was battling with was my emotions and my connection that had grown with him.  For me, The Moon was telling me that I needed to focus MORE on my intuition and less on my emotions.   If not, the tides of emotion would most definitely wear me out.

3. The Future / Ace of Pentacles – Pentacles, though affiliated with money they are also about material comfort and security.  The Ace of Pentacles told me that the future held relief, blessings and some measured excitement.  What I could see for sure was that a new type of peace would come to the household for sure.  Fox did have a way of disrupting that…

4. Fox’s Attitude / Knight of Swords – I laughed out loud when I turned this card because here was the exact significator I would have chosen for him!  “A daring young man of action… Heroic if a little rash.”  Perfect.  This card told me that Fox was going to be just fine with all this and even if a little unbalanced at the beginning his warrior nature would kick in and he would be just fine!

5. The Attitude of the Foster Homes / Ten of Cups – From laughing to joyful tears!  What card could possibly be better?  A home providing joy.  Real companionship and deep connection.  Fox was going on to where he needed and I was deeply reassured by this card.

6. Obstacle to Face / Strength – This was going to be a huge test for me.  I would need to fight the emotional thoughts that I had failed and struggle against the feelings of having no pets to take care of.  I was going to have to find the Strength to realize that perhaps some of the energy  I had spent on pets for 20+ years was perhaps needed to be spent on myself, my family.  That’s a big step for an animal lover.

7. Outcome / Wheel of Fortune – Well, there you have it.  The Wheel turns, Life goes on.  Progression and a favorable turn of events.  Relief.  It would all be ok!   The card also marks large transitions in your life.  It was easy to see how this would be looked back upon later as “that time when things changed.”  And this held true for not only myself but for Fox!

Overview – I was very pleased with this reading.  Four major arcana in a seven card spread and a court card right smack-dab where it needed to be.  If that doesn’t say something about the importance of the situation not much will!  Everything was going to be just fine for my pal and we were making the right decision.  We were definitely moving him on his path as shown by the 10 of Cups and the Wheel of Fortune.  I also needed to realize this was going to be harder on me then I had first imagined.  The Strength card does not come lightly!

(Update – This post was supposed to go out on Saturday night and due to some silliness on my part with the scheduler it did not.  The reading has been incredibly accurate even down to the Strength card.  The past few days have been rough on me.  I’ve had several moments of “I need to do X” only to realize that no, no I don’t and I’ve had to let some powerful emotional waves wash over me but not unhinge me.

If I get more information as to Fox’s adventure, I’ll be sure to place it here.)


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