Tough Lessons

Just a quick note to say that I’m not dead, just sleeping!  Actually, not sleeping but resting and struggling through an entire series of challenges that timed themselves perfectly with the final days of the Mercury Retrograde period.  Funny how that works, eh?  The most recent was recovering from a sinus infection brought on by the incredibly dry weather here in the Midwest.  I’m happy to say I was able to knock it down through good ol’ fashioned remedies and stubbornness.  And yes, if it had gotten any worse then it did, I would have hightailed it to a doctor.  I’m not stupid, just stubborn!

The biggest challenge though was brought on by a serious mistake on my part.  The details are for me to hold.  It was one of those lessons where you’re much better off for it regardless of how much foundational shaking occurs.  This, on top of the aforementioned challenges, has been the main reason for not posting.  The subject of the lesson, in short, was life and the exchange of life.  What I learned, after a series of unfortunate events brought about by my own stupidity, was that if I was going to connect myself to the energy of Mother Earth, work with that energy and with her numerous spirits I was put on notice that I would be held to a higher standard.  I was not allowed to “take a break” from it and it should always, ALWAYS, be treated with utmost respect.  Not unless I wanted to imperil that connection after several decades of building it!

I understand a lot of that is vague.  I apologize.  My hope is that over time I’ll be able to process this lesson and be able to use it a teaching tool.  One of the other unfortunate side effects of this series of events is that my relationship with my dowsing rods has been undermined.  When I asked them for the location of a personal item of mine I’d lost during this time, they responded with trickery and deception.  There were multi-fold things occuring, of course, and I’m aware of them which helps.   A.) I was using them for a personal item that I was emotionally attached to.  B.) There was a hard core lesson occurring and it’s my belief that I wasn’t allowed any “easy outs” that dowsing would provide.  Regardless, I’m faced with nagging doubt whenever using them and will need to build my confidence with them over time.  I have no doubt that confidence will return.

The upside to this is that I’ve been working with the tarot and my other oracles much more.  It was incredibly helpful to me as I worked through the problem and gave me the insight to carry into the spirit and do the work necessary.  I realize I’ve drifted off of tarot cards and oracles and so I’ll be posting more readings and information as early as the next day or so!


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