Marking the KL Ley Line

Earlier this week I braved the heat and the mosquitoes to head back out to the KL Line and the KL Node.  I was on a mission, eating my lunch in the car, parking in the shade, leaping out of the car and dashing into the woods with a quick application of bug spray, my GPS and my rods.  My goal?  To get a series of solid GPS readings so as to get a solid fix on the KL line and how it went through the park.

I was thwarted at the node spot as the mosquitoes battered through my flimsy defense of bug spray.  In the few minutes I was there after battering through underbrush, I picked up about four bites.  Fun times.  I was there long enough to note my crystal was still there, the crow feather I had left was battered up badly and to get a solid fix on the angle of the line.  Luckily, I was a quick hand with the GPS and I literally ran to get out of the woods since the bloodsuckers had found their way past my eyeglasses!  I really have not seen a swarm like that in some time but was assured by the rods they were just mosquitoes doing what mosquitoes do best.  Ah, Nature!

Over the course of the next thirty minutes, I walked through the park and guerilla dowsed the line and points along it.  The bonus?  Unlike myself, the mosquitoes knew better then to go out into the blazing hot sun!  Once on the line I would record the point with the GPS and move onward.  I would purposefully move off the line and then attempt to find it again with the rods.  When it was found, another quick click with the GPS marked it’s position.  The line took me through areas which were closed so I had to guestimate as I went.  I never assumed the line was a straight line through the park but, in the end, that’s exactly where it was.  Moving in a zig-zag through the park,  I got my first big surprise.

In the early days of the park, a city park official had build a small place for a bonfire near the center of a large physical bowl in the earth.  The fire pit was encircled by small stones.  Realizing that may not be the best of plans, the fire pit was covered over and larger limestone blocks were laid in to mark, yes, a circle of flat rectangular blocks.  In the past few years the circle had been left to overgrow.

Of course, the line went right up to the circle though not through it.  I checked this several times from different angles but the KL Line ran just to the western edge of the circle before heading on to the south and out of the park.  Unfortunately, the park was busy even with the heat and I did not feel comfortable dowsing the stones.  A project for another time!

The questions that came to me on this – Was this an odd coincidence?  Did the placers of the original fire pit somehow subconsciously sense it was a good place for their fire circle?  The same with the stones?  Or, did the large depression in the ground which created a kind of amphitheatre effect make for a good spot for a fire and a circle?  Was the line simply following a cave system evidenced by the depression being a minor sink hole?   More questions then I could answer in the time and conditions I had.

Back at home the second surprise surfaced.

I wanted to expand the line on Google Maps.  I began by using the line I was able to draw with the GPS points.  Google Maps or Earth does not let you make a line and then move the line as one unit.  You have to move one end point or another and doing this causes the line to move and the angle you’ve originally drawn to be lost.  Scaling out and getting the precise angle over a larger area of land is nearly impossible and immensely frustrating.   Using the experience of laying an extended straight edge from my artist days, here is what I did.

Using the original line created by the GPS points, I started another line of a different color so it matched the angle over one half of the existing line.  The other half that extended should, by all theory, be along the same angle.  Once done I had a slightly larger line and placed yet another line of another color over it’s last third and extended it outwards again.  Constant zooming in and out was required but, in the end, after several more line additions and a few cups of tea, I got a line that came as close as possible to matching the correct angle and which ran throughout the state.

That is, of course, on the theory the KL Line continues on a straight track.

To the North, I’ve not taken the line much past Indianapolis though, interestingly, it does come close to the center circle of the city, missing the mark by less than a mile.  Given the distance I mark that up as a “close call.”  IF the line continues in a straight track, it looks to go up towards Fort Wayne and then into Michigan.  I’ll build it further and see where it ends up.

The second and larger surprise, however, occurred as I stretched the line southward.  Down near the Ohio River, on the southern border of the state, exists a large ancient structure and village called Angel Mounds, a location known to be inhabited by the Middle Mississippian culture somewhere around 1100 AD.  (Whose to say what was there before they got there?)  When I  first saw the angle of the KL Line I saw it was close to lining up to Angel Mounds but after earlier experiments with it on Google Maps, I decided it went down “that way” but did not, in fact line up with anything.

You can probably see this coming.  As I lay my straight line down in smaller segments and continuing it across the state I discovered I had been completely wrong.  The KL Line went directly into the settlement area of Angel Mounds and, by Google Maps, missed the main mound by around 500 feet.  This has, as you might have imagined, played with my head a little bit.  The predominant thought I have now is “What did I stumble across here?”

Rationally, I’m willing to say that my subconscious was able to give me a line on the ground that it knew would “magically” line up with Angel Mounds which, of course, I already knew the location of.  However, if this is true, this shines a light on the utter power of the subconscious mind!  Even more so when we consider I found this initial KL Node on a lark!  Regardless, I choose to believe I’ve found an honest to goodness ley line and will proceed forward in trying to mark it’s exact location.  I’ll also start investigating what, if anything, can be done with it!

It would appear the adventure continues!


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