Retreating to the Line

I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to take my lunch break yesterday, wander over to the nearby park and check out the power node I found there last year.  Maybe it was the crow feather lying on the path in front of me as I took our puppy on its morning walk.  Or, perhaps, it was the house wren sitting on a branch six feet from my head and looking at me during that same walk?  See previous posts as to how these birds fit into things.  Maybe it was just that feeling in my gut saying I needed to go?  The question of “why?” comes up only when you consider the fact it’s brutally sunny and 92 degrees outside.  Add that to the fact I was wearing dress slacks and a work shirt and you truly have the thoughts of an insane individual.

However, I’m not one to ignore gut hunches.  So, off I went!  Speaking of gut hunches, I’m a little leery to talk about this power node’s particular location even though it’s located in a public park.  To be honest, I’m not sure why.  I think, initially, it comes from wanting the location to not be tampered with.  Perhaps in the future I’ll be willing to give it’s absolute location but, for now, I’m following that intuition.

To be clear, this is not the spot where Grandmother Tulip is located.  To delineate from the others, I’ll simply call it the K1 Node.  The ley line that runs through it I am now calling the KL Line.

After parking, I headed off to the path but discovered something that brought me up short.  Mosquitoes.  I paused briefly to double check some things with my dowsing rods and I was swarmed.  I started moving forward again and further down the path tried again.  No luck.  This time they were worse and doing their best to come at me from all angles.  I double checked with the rods.  Were the mosquitoes acting as a barrier to me?  No.  Were they just being mosquitoes?  Yes.  Would it be possible to return tomorrow or the next day?  Yes.  So, with no repellent handy, I beat a hasty retreat.  Checking quickly at my car I came up empty for any spray.  I was at a standstill.

I decided to drive elsewhere in the park and finish up my time in the shade of a shelter house.  I stopped at one which actually sits close to the KL Line as it came out of the woods and ran southward.  I figured if I couldn’t work around the node, I’d work around the line which runs through it.  After eating a quick lunch, I was able to dowse the line in between avoiding the occasional park-goer.    I marked two quick spots which would help me elongate the line’s angle on Google maps with a bit more accuracy.  I then retreated back into the shade for a round of questions.

The line itself was now dowsing at an 8 on a scale of 1 – 10.  Previously, in the Fall and Spring, it had been around a 7.  After asking about the difference, I was informed it was stronger in the Summer.

Here are other details I dowsed:

  • The line dowsed for male, female and neutral energy.
  • It was powered by solar energy.
  • The energy on the line was beneficial.
  • It could be used for Communication.  I asked “between humans” and received a “yes.”  However, I also asked about the Spirit Realm or Otherworld and received a stronger “yes.”  The only other category that gave a slight response was Healing.
  • It’s associated color on the spectrum was Yellow.  This surprised me since with a higher power line I expected a color like blue, indigo or violet.  However, with it’s connection to solar energy it does make sense.
  • It went straight for some distance and there were several “sacred places” along the line.  The nearest place still within our county was  to the South but not accessible to the public.  (I’ll have to check Google Earth on this one but understandingly, the sacred place may not be a physical building.  Maybe some more map dowsing?)
  • Interestingly, I asked if anyone had known or utilized the line and the answer was a “maybe.”  The rods started to cross but would not.  I broke my question down and was told that one other person has known of the line in the past but that no one has ever intentionally utilized the line’s energy.

The last series of questions slowed me to a stop so I took a break to mull over the information.  As I sat, meditating on the question, I had a flash of inspiration.  I had the thought of drawing a tarot card which would signify the energy of the line.  Having my cards with my, I spread them on the table and decided to let the dowsing rods pick a card which best represented the line.  The card?

The Lovers.

What a fascinating draw!  So many different possibilities from this card!  I’ve sat with this for some time and think I have gleaned an answer.  I believe this is talking about the interconnectedness of the male and female energies within the line as well as the connection of that energy to the world around it.  The KL line is about passion, about connection and, from the previous dowsing, communication and communion.  Two separate energies working together in a perfect union.

And, really, I think that only scratches the surface.  Does something else possibly come to you, the reader? I’d love to hear it!

Shortly after drawing the card and sitting with it, I was overheated and I was also out of time.   I still feel the gut urge to return to the K1 node itself and a quick check with the rods confirmed this.  With storms moving in today, I’ll have to wait and see how things go.


2 responses to “Retreating to the Line

  • River

    Hiya Bryan, I’m very glad we found the occasion to meet the other day. I’d like to get together and talk soon. This is extremely interesting reading! It touches on quite a few intuitions I have about the nature of our place in this time. Viva la tierra del corazón!

    • BR

      Same to you as well! Sorry for the delay in response. I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster these past few weeks after the workshop. Maybe we can get together in the next week or so? I’ll send you an email to get things started.

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