Running with a Theory

So, after a few comments on the last post, my whirlygig brain began to make a few laps around an idea.  In that post I had mentioned a question of mine as to why the U.S. did not have the  same feeling of energy which I, and others, have felt in the United Kingdom?  I’ve talked to several energy sensitive people who have visited the UK and some have posted here.  The general agreement runs along the lines of, “I don’t know why.  I’ve been to a lot of different countries but it’s just more…. magical there.”

I’ve had moments in the States where I felt that sort of energy, that power.   Places full of immense energy like Lake Superior, the Olympic Mountains and the Mojave desert all come to mind.  In my experience, though, it’s always been few and far between.

The theory offered in the comments was that the British Isle have had a much longer period of humans actively working with the earth energies and not only working with them but building them up with their own intentions and personal energy.  Much of what they did in the past is a mystery but even now others can feel, build and work with their effects.  However, couldn’t you say the same for other areas of Earth?

I started thinking about all of it and I thought I would share what I’d come up over the course of a few days and several “what if?” kind of questions blended with statements of fact.   I understand that for some this may be old hat and will get me a “Yeah?  So?” and for others it may be ridiculous.  Yet, for some, it may be illuminating or get them asking their own questions locally.  Regardless, bear with me and see where I go.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Let’s play “What if?’

  • Earth energies exist everywhere?
  • Earth energies exist at a constant, charged or “wild” level?
  • Earth energies were discovered in the land that would eventually become known as the United Kingdom?
  • Said energies can be worked with, energized, built upon and fashioned with human interaction so as to be brought up past their normal “wild” level?   As this is done, the energy is more able to be fashioned by other humans along the way?
  • Stone circles are indications of humans taking a very organized and focused approach with those earth energies?
  • The oldest stone circles discovered so far are dated at approx. 3200 B.C.  (Castlerigg is one of the oldest at 3200 and that is only in the UK.  We’re not even going to get into stone circles elsewhere in Europe and Egypt.) So we know that some form of earth energy work has been occurring on that land for at LEAST 5000 years.
  • What if that work was anything but slight?  What if it was very intensive and thorough?  What if, lets just say for fun, it was the equivalent of electrical power today?  Circles dot the landscape of both England, Ireland and Scotland which would indicate it was anything but a “mellow approach.”
  • What if the relationship of stone circles and earth energy work was directly related to the mass of land being worked upon?  The smaller the more condensed?
  • What happens when you take the amount of earth energy work and place it upon a small mass of land over the course of 5000 years with a completely unknown but massive number of practitioners?

If, and I say this tentatively, IF this is close to the way it works then you would have a mass of land that was literally supercharged with interactive earth energy.  In hand with that theory is the possibility it’s not so much that the Isle was originally more magical but that by intentional and respectful human energy work it’s become as such?

Here’s where things get interesting.  If the above is true then the United States could be considered fairly “dormant” or “wild” in regard to those earth energies.  Except for areas where there has been intensive human contact with those energies, for example Sedona, Taos, Serpent Mound, and Cahokia, you could even possibly say “untouched.” Is this the reason why one can feel those energies easily in the U.K (and possibly elsewhere) but it is few and far between in the area of land we will mark as the lower United States?

In mentioning the above American places one could argue the ancient Native Americans worked with earth energies here since their earliest arrival which is estimated at 15,000 to 30,000 years ago.  It’s more than enough time and a major difference to our first marker of stone circles in the U.K. at 5,000 years ago.  However, an earthwork like the Serpent Mound in Ohio was carbon dated and estimated to be built around 1070 AD, a mere 940 years ago.  Bighorn Medicine Wheel is very impressive but, again was “constructed by Plains Indians between 300-800 years ago.

The one interesting find while searching was a spot called Mystery Hill near Boston which has been dubbed “American’s Stonehenge.”  Though not really having too much in direct relationship as a stone circle it IS an interesting site which has had charcoal carbon dated back to 4000 BC.  That date is a bit more like it! Regardless, the sites and spot are few and far between and nowhere near the current ratio of something akin to “1 per 10 square miles” that can found in the British Isles (The Independent, 1994).

Of course Native Americans continue to this day to work with the earth energies here.  I’ve experienced it first hand.  However, I believe the ratio of human to earth acreage would have been simply too vast to have an overall effect.  Let’s also keep in mind that typically the shamans, like the druids, were the only ones who were actively doing these interactions.  Even over the course of time could such a small amount of the population hope to have an overall effect on such a huge land mass?

As a final punctuation to these thoughts, lets simply compare the mass of the lands we’re currently speaking about here.  Using Google Maps, I created an image below that helps represent that amount.  All maps were set to a scale of 200 miles per inch before being edited.  This is not an attempt at a high school locker comparison game.  Looking at the scale involved it is very easy to see why the earth energies of the States area could be considered more “wild” or, if nothing else, dormant.

I think the visual reference helps to punctuate the amount of concentrated earth energy work is build upon in England and Scotland alone and why it would be very difficult to feel the “pulse” or energy of North America.

Also, just as another example for fun and also reminding fellow Americans just how BIG it all is, I went northward and compared the same area of England/Scotland to that of Alaska.

The illustrations hopefully make the point that the smaller land mass of the England and Scotland could literally be supercharged with earth energies from man’s constant work with them that goes back at least 3,000 years but, in fact, is probably much further.

So, here is my next step.  Now that we’ve looked at the overall scope of earth energies in America I would say that it is much more likely to find what I’m looking for in America, that heartbeath or pulse, by breaking that larger area into smaller chunks.  I could go by state borders, I suppose, but I’m not sure borders made as late as a mere 230 years ago really count in this kind of scope or work.  The again, can you discount the energy created from state loyalty.  As an example, I will simply point to Texas.  I’ve noticed subtle shifts from state to state and so, perhaps you CANNOT discount those borders?

This, of course, only leads to more questions.  What is the best guess of a “regional” size to be working within? Is the approximate area of the British Isles count as a good starting point?  Do state borders made only a mere 200 odd years ago count?  Should I, instead, go by old tribal boundaries?  Is it a matter of finding the major energy centers first and then figuring the borders from there?  And, more importantly, wouldn’t it better to figure out my home area first and then perhaps work outwards from there?

I suppose that is the next bit of the game, isn’t it?


2 responses to “Running with a Theory

  • Nancy Hendrickson

    Bry – this is brilliant work. First, you are absolutely correct in terms of people to land ratio. Take thousands of years of people working in a small land area and the magical feel will be far more noticeable than when (for example) standing in the middle of the Great Plains. Or at least I think that is true. As for state boundaries – sometimes the boundaries don’t follow energy lines. I’ve noted when driving east from Wyoming into Nebraska that the Pine Bluffs of Nebraska should definitely be part of Wyoming – the energy is the same as Wyoming’s, and quite contrary to that found in western Nebraska. I think you’re onto a fascinating line of thought – and I can’t wait to read what’s occurred to you next.

  • Bryan R.

    Nancy, I’ve felt similar things when traveling. Sometimes the state lines, usually very straight and ending in 90 degree turns, don’t match up very well at all.

    Thank you, also, for the compliment. There is definitely more to come. Right after I figure out the next step!

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